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  1. JB Smoove is Home Alone in the WME Office When Curb Your Enthusiasm’s JB Smoove shows up at his agency’s office on Yom Kippur and no one is there, he has no choice but to be a one-man […]
  2. the industry
    Industry: Kelsey Grammer, Starring as the Mayor of Chicago?Plus: ‘Lone Star”s Adrianne Palicki lands on her feet as a psychopath on ‘Criminal Minds.’
  3. hbo
    Agent Ari Emanuel Helped Pitch an HBO PilotBased on a blog about parenting.
  4. mel gibson
    William Morris Drops Mel GibsonGibson’s racist rant is out, and now his movie may never be.
  5. nikki finke
    Nikki Finke Charms The New Yorker“I used to say, and I meant this in a nice way, that my mother should have been a Nazi interrogator.”
  6. awesome
    If You Cross Ari Emanuel, He Will Ruin YouNBC’s Marc Graboff had better watch his back.
  7. players
    Agency Merger Turns Ari Emanuel Into Hollywood’s Newest HeavyTask one: Stop Andy Samberg from making fun of one of his biggest clients.
  8. beef
    Ben Silverman Doesn’t Have Time for All These Stupid MeetingsHollywood agent Ari Emanuel is upset at Ben Silverman for standing him up twice at meetings. We think he’s being childish.