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Ari Gold

  1. as long as lloyd is still there
    Kid Cudi Will Play Ari Gold’s Assistant in the Entourage MovieMiss you, Lloyd.
  2. chat room
    The Real Ari Gold on His New Movie With Adrian Grenier“There’s another [Ari Gold] out in Eugene, Oregon, who runs an organic bakery … He’s the Ari Gold most unlike the one on TV.”
  3. quote machine
    At Long Last, Brandon Flowers Opens Up About Shaving His ’StachePlus: Kristen Stewart isn’t sure she enjoys how commercial Sundance has become.
  4. vulture picture palace
    Filmmaker Ari Gold Makes ‘Frogger: The Movie’Yes — his name is Ari Gold, and the ‘Entourage’ folks evidently “borrowed” his name for the show’s loathsome-lovable agent.
  5. overnights
    The ‘Entourage’ Guilt/Pleasure Index: Costco? Seriously?One week after an innovative and exciting season premiere, in which a documentary crew chronicled Medellin’s impressive on-set turmoil, Entourage transports the whole crew safely — and, for this viewer, sadly, — back to L.A. Good-bye, jungle mania and creative meltdowns!
  6. quote machine
    On Ari Gold’s Love-Hate Relationship With the Gays“He will prove himself to be the biggest homophobe and the biggest friend to the gay man in the history of humanity.” —Entourage’s Jeremy Piven on what’s in store for Ari this season