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Armando Ianucci

  1. What’s Fact and What’s Fiction in The Death of Stalin?Just how ironic were Stalin’s final hours? Did the whole orchestra brouhaha really happen?
  2. Looking Back at Alan Partridge’s First Show: 25 Years of Alan Partridge […]There is a chance, especially if you are living in America, that you may not know who Alan Partridge is. Played by Steve Coogan, Partridge is […]
  3. Digging Up the Roots of News Satire with ‘On the Hour’ There have been many articles I’ve written for this series where I assumed that I was probably introducing a significant portion of my […]
  4. ‘The Thick of It’: the Most Perfectly Obscene TV Show EverIf you were to make a chart of British influence upon the United States, a start at around 100 percent on the morning of Lexington and Concord […]