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  1. Letterman Asks Tony Hale for an ‘Arrested Development’ Movie UpdateOn Friday, David Letterman tried to fish for an update from Veep’s Tony Hale about whether or not an Arrested Development movie is happening in […]
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    Jason Bateman Says Arrested Development Movie Is More Than a Year AwayDon’t care how, we want it now.
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    The Arrested Development Movie Will Shoot This SummerThere’s finally a start date.
  4. Steve Holt! Wants to Be in the New Arrested Development EpisodesSteve Holt! (That was a Steve Holt! of despair.) Justin Grant Wade, the actor who played Steve Holt on Arrested Development, has not been asked […]
  5. The Full Original Cast & Writers of Arrested Development Are Coming Back […]Somewhere, right now, someone is writing lines for all eight major Arrested Development characters to say to each other. Can you even stand it? […]
  6. The Party Down Movie May Be Declared A Ron Donald DoWe continue your nonstop 24-hour coverage of the possibility of a Party Down movie with this Adam Scott soundbite: “We have a treatment, and if […]
  7. Fox Show on the Run: Which Network Will Be Arrested Development’s New Home?You’ve probably already heard this weekend’s big news that, in addition to the long-gestating Arrested Development movie, Mitch Hurwitz and […]
  8. David Cross Talks About That Damned Arrested Development Movie, Tolerates […] Here’s a nice, long interview between Keith Olbermann and David Cross in which Cross both gives a pseudo-update to the Arrested Development […]
  9. How About This For The Arrested Development Movie Plot? Screenrant reports that a source allegedly passed along the Arrested Development movie plot, so now if it’s fake, we can all be disappointed […]
  10. Jason Bateman Speaks Again About The Oft-Foretold Arrested Development […] There was a prophesy made long, a legend about the coming of an Arrested Development movie that would redeem us all. Every so often, a prophet […]
  11. Jason Bateman: Plot of the Arrested Development Movie Is ‘Incredible’ Here is today’s tiny scrap of information/hearsay/hope about the mythical Arrested Development movie: Jason Bateman met with Mitch Hurwitz […]
  12. Let’s Stop Harassing the Arrested Development Cast About the Damned Movie .bbpBox40561490855460860 {background:url(http://a3.twimg.com/a/1297205904/images/themes/theme1/bg.png) #C0DEED;padding:20px;} […]
  13. Jeffrey Tambor Says Arrested Development Movie Should Start Shooting Next […]More vague news on the mythical Arrested Development movie, this time from Jeffrey Tambor: “I know there is an idea kind of circulating, but […]