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  1. the tv industry
    Arrival Screenwriter Developing AMC Sci-Fi SeriesEric Heisserer is adapting a story by Ted Chiang, who also wrote the source material for Arrival.
  2. oscars 2017
    What This Year’s Oscar Race Means for Female ProtagonistsThree female-led films — Arrival, Hidden Figures, and La La Land — are competing for Best Picture this year, which ties the record.
  3. the awards show show
    How This Year’s Oscar Movies Are Revamping Their Awards-Season NarrativesOn this week’s episode of The Awards Show Show, hosts Kyle Buchanan and John Horn look at films that have pivoted to new talking points.
  4. Denis Villeneuve Has Arrived. Now He’s About to Take the Next Step.After cutting his teeth on Sicario and Arrival, the Canadian director is ready to move on to the big time.
  5. chat room
    Screenwriter Eric Heisserer on Adapting Arrival “We went whole hog into making sure these characters were real scientists.”
  6. close reads
    Pop Culture Can’t Escape Donald TrumpOn seeing the political climate in everything.
  7. last night on late night
    Amy Adams Does Not Know How to Speak MandarinWe regret to inform you that Amy Adams has flaws.
  8. baftas 2017
    2017 BAFTA Noms: Turns Out, the Brits Have Fallen for La La Land, TooNocturnal Animals and Arrival were also a hit.
  9. oscars
    Arrival, Silence, Manchester Scores DisqualifiedThe Academy determined the films did not have a “substantial body of music.”
  10. last night on late night
    J.Law Finally Gets Revenge on Chris Pratt “I’m going to do something about it.”
  11. your box office explained
    Everyone Was Excited for La La Land at the Box Office This WeekendIt’s topped Moonlight and Manchester by the Sea in at least one respect.
  12. awards
    Taking the Post-Election Temperature of the Oscars Race“Because all of the politics are so heightened outside of the theater, a lot more is being brought into the theater.”
  13. your box office explained
    Manchester by the Sea Is Looking Like a HitPlus good news for Paramount, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Natalie Portman’s Jackie Kennedy accent.
  14. award season
    La La Land Critics’ Choice Awards Front-runnerDamien Chazelle’s musical scored a dozen nominations. 
  15. The Aliens in Arrival Almost Looked Like Haunting Ethereal Flowers“They had a sympathetic look, but were a little spooky.”
  16. movies in theaters
    Which Movie Should You See With Your Family This Thanksgiving?Including Allied, Moonlight, and Doctor Strange.
  17. the awards show show
    The Awards Show Show: How Donald Trump Shook Up the Oscars RaceDo voters want movies with a message, or do they want escapism?
  18. song exploder
    Song Exploder: Jóhann Jóhannsson on the Secrets of Arrival’s Score“It becomes this subsonic rumble.”
  19. Amy Adams Is Working Harder Than You ThinkThe actress uses her approachable surface to reach surprising depths.
  20. Franchise Haters Rejoice: Arrival’s a HitMeanwhile, Doctor Strange, Trolls, and Hacksaw Ridge all had surprisingly big second weekends.
  21. do the twist
    The Twist in Arrival Is More Than Just a Surprise EndingIt’s a decoder ring.
  22. the awards show show
    Awards Show Show: Who Should Host the Oscars?Samantha Bee? The Rock?
  23. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Can Arrival Make the Cut In Best Picture?Also, how Denzel Washington’s Fences changed the game.
  24. movie review
    Movie Review: Arrival Is a Tantalizing PuzzlerAmy Adams seems born to be this character.
  25. coats
    Jeremy Renner Simply Will Not Take Off His CoatIt’s a nice coat.
  26. Amy Adams on Celebrity and Playing Janis JoplinThe actress is on a different planet from the one on which her peers exist — which is maybe also why she’s the perfect person to play ETs’ liaison.