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    Artist Nancy Spero Bullish on Kate Winslet’s Oscar ShotSpero has been plumbing the totems and taboos of the human (especially female) psyche for more than a half-century.
  2. art candy
    Artists Laurent and Jean de Brunhoff Sport Their Racing TrunksHalf the charm of Laurent and Jean de Brunhoff’s drawings are in the titles.
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    Artist Richard Aldrich Draws a BlankT.S. Eliot said the bloody-minded playwright John Webster ‘saw the skull beneath the skin,’ and here artist Richard Aldrich demonstrates a similar X-ray aptitude.
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    Artist Gardar Eide Einarsson Brakes for PopesWere you to encounter this bleak road sign, what would be the appropriate response?
  5. art candy
    Megan Cedro Goes Picasso by Way of Ghost WorldWe have a feeling Dan Clowes would like to go record shopping with her.
  6. art candy
    Photographer Amy Arbus Battles the WindchillAmy Arbus remembers when Manhattan women used to wear fur bikinis in the wintertime.
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    Artist Alan Reid Is Breaking Up the BandAlan Reid has been busy with his coloring pencils, fashioning majestic women into insipid, sometimes silly situations.
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    Artist Lisa Young Putters AroundIn Lisa Young’s hushed video, a young man wearing an untucked polo shirt tees off while a lawnmower crops the course quietly in the background.
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    Artists Jennifer and Kevin McCoy Outsource Their Dull LivesFor this video, the McCoys hired 50 actors to perform their daily tasks.
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    Photographer Susan Mikula Shifts FocusWith her Polaroid camera, Susan Mikula creates abstract visions of empty spaces that inspire memories we never knew we had.
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    Artist Kehinde Wiley Does a Face-PlantKehinde Wiley is in danger of overexposure at this point, but his show of four grand new paintings (and a few oldies) at Deitch closes this Saturday and we think you should see it.
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    Artist Nathalie Djurberg Makes Table-Dancing ClassyIn Nathalie Djurberg’s latest animation, a gangly ballerina prances about a table set for a tea party.
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    Photographer Jesse Rieser Shows a Flexible Three-BedroomJesse Rieser’s luminous, hyper-staged photograph seems to be a warning to aspiring party planners.
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    Artists William Powhida and Jennifer Dalton Send Their CondolencesAt Art Basel Miami this year, Powhida and Dalton whittled up a few dirt-cheap six-piece box sets of Leunig-like condolence cards.
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    Artist Nagisa Nakauchi Bears AllNagisa Nakauchi’s capped boy squats amid a mosh pit of fluffy bears and flattened dolls, all of them looking terribly bored with the whole situation.
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    Artist Ann Lislegaard Makes Sci-fi Less BoringLislegaard has animated science-fiction novels to make them more sparkly than the average, garden-variety sci-fi experience.
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    Photographer Martin Klimas Will Send You Dead Flowers Every MorningMartin Klimas has a series of stunning images at Foley Gallery (through January 17) that might have been shot by housewives after watching ‘Quantum of Solace.’
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    Artist Marianne Vitale Pitches a Tent in HellOne of the standout works on display at Art Basel is a vision of making a new home in hell.
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    Artist Ves Pitt’s Cross-dressing Isn’t Fooling AnyoneThere’s something incredibly compelling about a glitter mustache.
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    Artist Elizabeth Peyton Paints Self, Turns Vacation Into Tax Write-offElizabeth Peyton presents a peaceful, if slightly somber, picture of herself, her dog, her book, her flip-flops, and her pool.
  21. art candy
    Photographer Nikki S. Lee’s Triple ExposureIndeed these are photographs of sketches Lee commissioned from street portraitists around the world.
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    Artist Kate Gilmore Breaks Down the Fifth WallThe artist, dressed in a black wrap dress and yellow spiked heels, punches and kicks her way through five layers of drywall.
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    Artist Rafael Perez Will Get His Pants Back From That BirdHere, a pantless woman inspects her kinda dainty rifle with care.
  24. art candy
    Art Collective Yemenwed Visits MarsYemenwed has whittled down a millennium of culture into a short video that is quite blissful to watch.
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    Artist Shai Azoulay Falls Asleep at the CanvasIf the sleep of reason creates monsters, does the sleep of creativity create … paintings?
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    Photographer Cindy Sherman Does Her Best Kirsten DunstFor the 1990-era series, Sherman transformed into famous forlorn contessas. Here, she channels a reclining Marie Antoinette.
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    Artist Holly Andres Apparently the Victim of ‘Milk’ Viral MarketingHolly Andres might be the slightly crazy girl who always shows up to your stoop sale in search of the gaudiest objects you can’t believe anyone would pay for.
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    Artist Jeff Sonhouse Saves You the Cost of LSDSonhouse paints prominent and not so prominent African-Americans into colorful, distorted, geometrical compositions that render the subject barely recognizable.
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    Artist Bogdan Rata Injured in Horrific Teleportation AccidentRata’s foot-slash-hand (fand? hoot?) looks like something out of the trailer for J.J. Abram’s ‘Star Trek.’
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    Photographer Cindy Sherman Sports Latest DisguiseSherman continues to impress us.
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    Photographer Renate Aller Could’ve Sworn Those Ice Caps Were There a Minute AgoAller’s show is a series of neat photographs of different versions of the same seascape.
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    Photographer Mickey Smith Goes to the LibrarySmith’s polished photographs pay homage to the days when hanging at the library was cool.
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    Artist Casey Ruble Will Blow Your Little MindRuble’s gouache works look like hallucinogenic versions of those scratch-n-sniff children’s books.
  34. art candy
    Artist Luigi Benedicenti Orders a Suggestive DessertBenedicenti’s paintings are of delicious treats like cream-filled profiteroles, pears dripping in caramel, and the sunniest of sunny-side up breakfast eggs.
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    Artist Tessa Farmer Kills TinkerbellTessa Farmer’s fairies are made of dead insects and live on twisted plant roots and animal carcasses.
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    Artist Michael Buhler-Rose Visits Bollywood, FloridaMichael Buhler-Rose seems to have stumbled upon an outpost of Bollywood extras waiting for their big moment.
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    Artist Jonathan Horowitz Is Just As Excited As You AreHorowitz has cobbled together a very appropriate wall decoration for Obama’s new office.
  38. art candy
    Artist Jonathan Horowitz Does Some Last-Minute ElectioneeringFor those still undecided, Jonathan Horowitz has some voting advice.
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    Photographer Catherine Opie Is Saving Up for That Zoom LensOpie is best known as a provocateur, but she also has a talent for subtlety.
  40. art candy
    Artist Zhang Peng Takes a BloodbathDon’t you sort of wish you could be her for Halloween?
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    Beck Slays World’s Biggest Clown; Photographer Autumn De Wilde Is ThereWhen Beck holds the weight of the world in his hands, it looks like this: glowing, red, and in the shape of an egg.
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    Artist Mary Jo Vath Is Saving That One for LaterThis darling, somewhat mournful scene is like a mini-ballet.
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    Photographer Lise Sarfati Makes Already-Awkward Bath Slightly More AwkwardLise Sarfati mingles high art with documentary.
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    Artist Daniel McDonald Does the Monster MashDaniel McDonald’s latest figurine-studded dioramas reenact the struggle for autonomy among the creative classes.
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    Artist Olaf Breuning Submits the Worst-Ever ‘Project Runway’ ApplicationAs glamour shots go, this one is overflowing with such playful grotesquerie that the only response is a gagging retch crossed with a laugh.
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    Artist Mary Heilmann Paints Little BoxesMary Heilmann cuts through the genre’s occasional academicism with lush colors and a woozily applied impasto that suggest she’s having a great, groovy time.
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    Artist Swoon Has Seen the Needle and the Damage DoneNot sure what this enchanting woman is sewing — has her blouse unraveled, or is she literally sewing herself?
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    Photographer Diana McClure Enforces Strict ‘No Shoes in the House’ PolicyMcClure seems to be imagining the scene in Sarah Palin’s domestic foyer on November 5, when the Republican candidate for veep can finally kick off her heels.
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    Photographer Jean-Luc Mylayne Finds World’s Dumbest BirdThis little bird may or may not be living dangerously.
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    Artist Philemona Williamson Is, Like, WhateverPhilemona Williamson is taking up Judy Blume’s cause: painting restive teenagers caught somewhere between sadness and surliness.
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