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    Man Duct-tapes Banana to Wall, Makes $240,000, Credits New York MagazineHowever, a prankster has now eaten the banana.
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    Detroit’s Famous Heidelberg Project Goes to the BeachWhat’s next for Tyree Guyton, and his famous DIY civic art installation.
  3. Jerry Saltz: Break the Art FairAs a system, art fairs are like America: They don’t work and no one knows how to fix them.
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    9 Art Shows to See This Week On and Off Frieze IslandOur curated itinerary.
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    This Artist Is a Gender UnicornCupid Ojala’s pure delight in being who he is.
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    Jerry Saltz: The Drawing I Can’t Stop Thinking About From Frieze New YorkA great work of art from 1875 that’s never been seen in any museum.
  7. How to Navigate an Art Fair With Jerry Saltz▶️ Nobody can do it like Jerry.
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    The Most Memorable Thing I Saw at the Art Fairs: The Photographs of Aneta BartosThese haunted, staged photographs of the artist partially clad in bra and panties or camisoles with her Speedo-wearing, bald, bodybuilder father.
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    Andy Freeberg on the Art of the Art-Fair BoothThe juxtapositions are funny, of course, but they also get at the strange reality of these events.
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    Seeing Out Loud: Jerry Saltz on the Best Booth at the Independent Art FairAnd the artists are anonymous.
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    Saltz on the Death of the Gallery ShowBetween online sales and art fairs, fewer and fewer people are showing up to see art in its natural habitat.
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    Saltz: Why the Frieze Art Fair Could Solve the New York Art Fair ProblemThe upside of English elitism.
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    Jerry Saltz Answers Your Questions About Art Fairs and What’s Cooking Right NowJerry Saltz on art fairs good and bad, plus Chelsea’s best meal.
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    New Yorkers to Storm the Venice BiennalePaul Chan, Tony Conrad, and Yoko Ono at the art-world equivalent of the Miss America pageant.
  15. Your Guide to This Week’s Six Unsnobby Art FairsArt-world snobbery gets shelved this week, as six art fairs opening around town tonight or tomorrow make an economy-inspired effort to be democratic and welcoming.