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    Why Did It Take So Long for the World to Recognize the Genius of Joseph Yoakum?In fairness, it took me a long while, too.
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    Alexander Calder’s Circus is Back in TownThe artist’s wee sideshow is restored, and back at the Whitney.
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    This Long-Running MoMA Show Might Restore Your Faith in UtopianismFinding solace in Bodys Isek Kingelez.
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    What Was Delacroix Doing? A Relic of One Era, He Somehow Invented Many Others.Somehow his infuriatingly messy paintings point directly to Cézanne, Manet, Renoir, van Gogh, Matisse, de Kooning, Marlene Dumas, and Kara Walker.
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    David Wojnarowicz’s Whitney Retrospective Is Overdue, But Couldn’t Be TimelierThis is an astonishingly relevant, urgently important show that reflects on what it means to be human in a time of encroaching political darkness.
  6. Why Is the Met’s New Show About the Body in Art History So Stultifying and Dull?This is what happens with an excess of hyperrealism.
  7. 3 Sentence Reviews of Marlene Dumas, Dan Colen, and 11 Other Art-World Big ShotsLet’s read the tea leaves on the upper end of the food chain.
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    Three-Sentence Reviews: John Bradford, David Hockney, and 11 More ShowsIncluding the new home of White Columns.
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    Losing Myself in the Paintings of Facebook-Educated Matthew WongAn impressive painter’s debut show at Karma gallery.
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    Cy Twombly and the Transporting Power of Art That Barely Uses the Tools of ArtScribbles, jots, smears, and smudges that make my knees buckle.
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    This Nobel Laureate in Medicine Belongs Next to Michelangelo As a DraftsmanSantiago Ramón y Cajal is the only Nobel Prize winner in history — in physiology and medicine in 1906 — to also be a truly great artist.
  12. Antiguan Master Frank Walter Is a Revelation at ADAAWalter never found the recognition he was looking for; he yearned to have his work seen and acknowledged in his lifetime.
  13. Trump’s Border Wall Prototypes Are a Kind of National Monument to NativismWhen you look at the eight prototypes as art, what do you see?
  14. Wherever the New Artforum Is Heading, I’m Along for the RideIn David Velasco, the magazine has a new editor, new energy, and new purpose. Thank God.
  15. Michelangelo Exploded Art History, Just With His DrawingThe Metropolitan Museum’s new show is a stupendous metaphysical-visual exhalation.
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    Radical in Content, Retrograde in Form: What Should We Make of ‘Trigger’?I wish I didn’t feel as conflicted as I do about this show that surveys “gender beyond the binary.”
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    The Fearless Chris Ofili Enters His Own Personal Paradise LostThe four paintings are hung behind a cage of cyclone fencing.
  18. Three-Sentence Reviews: Peter Saul, Trevor Paglen, and 7 MoreThank God for Peter Saul.
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    Kara Walker’s New Show Is the Best Art Made About This Country in This CenturyIt’s extraordinary to see an artist responding so well to the incredible political storm blowing all around us.
  20. Jerry Saltz: I Give In, MoMA. You’ve Won Me Over. (Halfway, Anyway.)MoMA has been this broken spatial matrix since November 4, 2004, the day it reopened with great fanfare.
  21. Looking for New Electricity in the Mostly Static Art WorldIt’s not a matter of art being becoming more political. But the more I look for signs of artistic vitality, the more frustrated I’ve become.
  22. art and design 2017
    Jerry Saltz Reviews Jerry Saltz: A Critic Looks at His Own Early ArtworkBefore I became a critic, I was an artist, and in the early 1970s, I feverishly devoted myself to illustrating the entirety of Dante’s Divine Comedy.
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    Matthew Barney’s 1991 Show Is Better TodayAt the Gladstone Gallery, you can go back 25 years and witness the event that completely shattered the art world.
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    Jerry Saltz: Jessica Jackson Hutchins Finds Truth in ClayShe’s among the best artists working in America today.
  25. Jerry Saltz on the New Whitney MuseumHow the museum might just solve the impossible problem of contemporary art.
  26. seeing out loud
    ‘The Forever Now’ Is MoMA’s Market MomentWhat the year’s big survey show tells us about contemporary painting.
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    3-Sentence Reviews: Franz West, Matt Hoyt, and MoreIn a couple of cases, three very long sentences.
  28. seeing out loud
    3-Sentence Reviews: Condo, Perich, and MoreRapid-response criticism and a gigantic blue whale.
  29. seeing out loud
    3-Sentence Reviews: All Hail Susan Te Kahurangi KingRapid-response criticism at Andrew Edlin and five other galleries.
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    3-Sentence Reviews: Picasso, Clemente, and MurakamiRapid-response criticism and Pablo’s enormous penis.
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    Chris Ofili’s Thumping Art-History LessonIt is astonishing to consider just how distant the New York of the Sensation era feels now — and that scrappier art world.
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    Do Not Miss MoMA’s Overwhelming Henri Matisse ExhibitionFew artists reward prolonged scrutiny more than Matisse.
  33. seeing out loud
    Jerry Saltz Dives Into the Lower East Side Art Scene and Emerges OptimisticThe Lower East Side is now far more than just not Chelsea.
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    Photographer Garry Winogrand Captured America As It Split Wide OpenHis indelible vision is the subject of a powerful retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
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    Saltz: Kara Walker Bursts Into Three Dimensions, and Flattens MeWalker has only gotten better, more wicked and out-there.
  36. seeing out loud
    Jerry Saltz on James Franco’s ‘New Film Stills’In his repeated efforts to be an artist, Franco is only making bad art.
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    Jerry Saltz: How the Dutch Masters at the Frick Swept Me Away 1 More TimeGet yourself to the Frick.
  38. seeing out loud
    Jerry Saltz: Lucy Dodd’s Painting Intoxicates (and So Do Her Cocktails)“I wanted to run my tongue on a couple of the paintings.”
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    Saltz on Christopher Wool at the GuggenheimHe’s a risky subject for the Guggenheim, one that might alienate wide audiences and critics alike.
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    Saltz: Chris Burden’s Big Art of Big Ideas Lives Large at the New MuseumFew artists have brought play, presence, magnitude, hostility, and pleasure into such close proximity.
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    Saltz on Bjarne Melgaard’s Ignorant TransparenciesSafe, fake transgression is all over Chelsea these days. And then there’s Bjarne Melgaard.
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    Saltz on the Met’s New European Paintings GalleriesThe new installation presents us with a much more coherent, legible vision of one of the great achievements of world civilization.
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    Jerry Saltz on Jeff Koons’s Concurrent ShowsNew Paintings and Sculpture at the Gagosian Gallery and Gazing Ball at David Zwirner.
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    Saltz on the Met’s Photography and the American Civil War A bracing look at the first war that was conducted in front of the camera’s cold eye.
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    Saltz on the Met’s ‘Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity’We see a few painters blowing up every convention there was.
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    Saltz on Piero della Francesca at the Frick Take the day off and park yourself in front of his Virgin and Child.
  47. jerry saltz
    Saltz Revisits the 1913 Armory ShowWhen new art became modern art.
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    Saltz: The Met’s Matisse Exhibit Is Intoxicating, Possibly DangerousWhat makes this show so ravishing is, improbably, that it’s arranged like an art-history-class slideshow time line.
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    Saltz on the MoMA’s Inventing AbstractionInsiders will go gaga here. But I wonder whether larger audiences will grasp the way this kind of art thrust itself to the fore in the West.
  50. art review
    Saltz: Is Glenn Beck’s ‘Obama in Pee-Pee’ Actually Art?Yes, but it unintentionally reveals something about the artist.
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