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  1. art review
    Frieze New York and the Return of the MegafairsSocial reentry, sensory overload, and some very good art at the first big event since … well, you know when.
  2. art world
    Helen Marden’s Bitter, Lucky LightHer joyful-despite-everything pandemic paintings at Gagosian.
  3. art world
    The Last Days of the Art World … and Perhaps the First Days of a New OneThe art that emerges in the aftermath of this crisis will look very different. The rupture will be even more dramatic for galleries and museums.
  4. art world
    How Does the Art World Live With Itself? I Live and Breathe It and I’m Not Sure.I used to think the art world was at war with money, and vice versa. I’m starting to think we’re in a new equilibrium, defined by ambivalence.
  5. public art
    Jeff Koons Will Donate Bouquet of Tulips Sculpture to the People of ParisIn commemoration of 2015’s terrorist attacks there.
  6. How Hip-Hop Producer Swizz Beatz Is Disrupting the Art WorldAnd then disrupted the Gallery-Industrial Complex. 
  7. vulture cover story
    Can the Art World Take James Franco Seriously?In conversation with Jerry Saltz, the celebrity makes a case for his art.
  8. Can the Art World Take James Franco Seriously?In conversation with Jerry Saltz, the celebrity makes a case for his art.
  9. After NYT Profile, Simchowitz Blathers BackThe first big article about art in 2015 isn’t about art but about how money is having sex with young artists these days.
  10. obits
    Saltz on Critic Thomas McEvilley, 1939–2013The father of art world multiculturalism has died.
  11. arty
    Animal Collective, Darren Aronofsky Will Judge the Guggenheim’s YouTube ContestAlso: Takashi Murakami, Ryan McGinley, Laurie Anderson …
  12. the industry
    Whitney on the Cusp: The Key to the Museum’s Expansion DowntownIts current shows are great. But the institution must keep one priority in mind as they plan their second location.
  13. artsy
    YouTube in the Guggenheim? Go for It!Some folks are up in arms over a proposed show of YouTube videos at the museum.
  14. fondly
    Artists and Others Remember Sigmar Polke“A freak of the grandest order.”
  15. auctions
    The Sad Spectacle of the Blockbuster Art AuctionOn Tuesday, another first-class work will likely disappear into the hands of a private collector who may never lend it again.
  16. art
    Saltz: Remembering DiaThe museum closes for good tonight, and there will always be the terrible feeling that it didn’t have to be this way.
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    Deitch’s Last Show: Shepard Fairey PortraitsThis exhibition will be his first and last under Deitch’s mantle.
  18. art world
    Why New York Will Miss Jeffrey DeitchWhat the Jeff Koons of art dealers gave the city.
  19. art world
    How Deitch’s MOCA Gig Changes the Art WorldWho’s up, and who’s down.
  20. art world
    Jeffrey Deitch Named Museum Director of Los Angeles MOCAYou heard it here first.
  21. art world
    LA MOCA Set to Name Jeffrey Deitch DirectorDeitch would be the first gallery owner to run an American museum.
  22. obit
    Remembering Thomas Hoving, Visionary (and Wonderfully Vulgar) Met DirectorHoving was a madman, and of a specific type: the utterly fearless, patrician vulgarian.
  23. equal-arty
    Saltz on Art’s Triumph: Women Win Slim Majority in Next Whitney BiennialThis will prove once and for all that women artists are no better and no worse than their male counterparts.
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    Saltz: Money, Insularity, and a Huge Controversy for the New MuseumI sorely want to defend the New Museum. Unfortunately, the institution may have outsmarted itself.