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  1. artsy
    X-Men: Apocalypse Production Art Released, But What the Hell Is It?Apparently there will be more. 
  2. artsy
    Here’s Björk’s Beautiful MoMA TrailerHer retrospective will be at the museum from March 8 to June 7.
  3. artsy
    Watch Jerry Saltz Tour the Warhol Exhibit“He was making amazing paintings right up to the end.”
  4. artsy
    YouTube in the Guggenheim? Go for It!Some folks are up in arms over a proposed show of YouTube videos at the museum.
  5. artsy
    Sarah Jessica Parker’s Art-World Reality ShowBut did it uncover a major artist?
  6. artsy
    Saltz: William Powhida Mocks Me, and I Love ItJerry Saltz finds himself in a bold and combative piece intended to show the art world as a Babylon.
  7. vulture lists
    10 Worst Excesses of Art Basel 2009Revelers licking an ice sculpture that looked suspiciously like a giant phallus, and much more!
  8. artsy
    Art Basel: The Art World’s Back, Baby!Never has the scene been so competitive.
  9. artsy
    Andy Warhol’s 200 One Dollar Bills Sells for a Lot More Than $200Who says the art market is dead?
  10. artsy
    Urs Fischer Skips Own New Museum Opening; Interactive Sculpture DisappointsThe work, a motion-activated replica of a human tongue called ‘Noisette,’ is intended to result in a “mischievous slapstick routine.”
  11. artsy
    Da Vinci Fingerprint Might Make Dude RichA chalk portrait bought for $19,000 two years ago might be worth $100 million if it’s by Da Vinci.
  12. artsy
    Saltz: Obama’s Startling White House ArtBoth right-wingers and art insiders were disappointed in the choices.
  13. artsy
    Video: Jerry Saltz’s Fall 2009 Gallery Tour“Money may have left the party, but the party is still going on.”
  14. artsy
    Saltz: New York Challenges Glenn Beck to Art ExhibitionA challenge to Glenn Beck: Curate two exhibitions in New York.
  15. artsy
    It’s a New York Art ‘Renaissance,’ Argues Upcoming ShowA show opening in Rome argues that right now is a glamorous and golden age of art in New York, one that will be remembered as a turning point in art history.
  16. artsy
    Os Gemeos Dedicate Their New Mural to Dash SnowVandals have also already tagged the mural with the phrase “Blog about this.”
  17. artsy
    Os Gemeos Begin Work on Their MuralTheir mural is currently being painted on the corner of Bowery and Houston.
  18. artsy
    Os Gemeos Tapped to Replace Haring’s Mural on Bowery and HoustonAccording to Deitch, “the mural will blend ideas from the artist’s daily life with the fantasy or ‘ludico’ world where the recognizable is harmonically blended with the abstract.”
  19. artsy
    Bowery and Houston Loses Its Keith Haring MuralThe Day-Glo corner just got a white paint job, in anticipation of a new mural.
  20. news reel
    Did Merkin Sell His Rothkos for More Than They Were Worth?At $310 million, J. Ezra Merkin is getting less than he had hoped for his art collection, insiders say — but he still may be making more than the collection is worth.
  21. economypocalypse
    The Met Makes Good on Promised LayoffsThe Metropolitan Museum of Art announced today that it has completed the round of layoffs announced back in March, with an overall death toll of 357 positions.
  22. artsy
    Standard Hotel Elevator Now Making All Local Stops to HellCheck out footage from the hotel’s new video installation.
  23. artsy
    Saltz: Highlights of the Venice Biennale; Plus, Worst in ShowMaybe sinking malls have no other way of making money.
  24. artsy
    Saltz: Adel Abdessemed’s Fighting-Animal Video Sparks Art-World UproarThe conclusion of many was that “art should be moral.” That’s when I started to get uncomfortable.
  25. artsy
    New Yorkers to Storm the Venice BiennalePaul Chan, Tony Conrad, and Yoko Ono at the art-world equivalent of the Miss America pageant.
  26. artsy
    Jerry Saltz Explains MoMA’s Kippenberger Retrospective’New York’ art critic Saltz walks us through the highlights, including a brown-painted Ford covered in oat flakes.
  27. artsy
    Why’s Steve Cohen Showing Sotheby’s So Much Love?Cohen lent nearly half a billion dollars worth of art to Sotheby’s, even though the works aren’t for sale.
  28. artsy
    The Met Drops a Cool Million for an Old MasterThe purchase comes at a time when the Met has publicly expressed some worries about money.
  29. artsy
    The Art World Embraces Arts & Crafts at Armory WeekPeople bought art that was cheap and looked homemade, handmade, self-conscious, or like an echo of childhood.
  30. artsy
    Saltz: Completing Pipilotti Rist’s MoMA InstallationThe viewers let out a moan I’ve never heard in a modern-art museum before.