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As I Lay Dying

  1. alternative arrangements
    Don’t Worry About Buying Movie Tickets for As I Lay DyingJames Franco is releasing it straight to VOD.
  2. cannes 2013
    Cannes: James Franco Shot As I Lay Dying in Split ScreenHe directs and stars in the William Faulkner adaptation, which debuted in France Monday.
  3. cannes 2013
    Vulture’s 10 Most Anticipated Films at CannesGosling! Swinton! Timberlake!
  4. trailer mix
    As I Lay Dying Trailer: James Franco’s Southern AccentJust as Faulkner would’ve dreamed, directed by the co-star of Pineapple Express.
  5. scary things
    As I Lay Dying Vocalist Accused of Plotting Wife’s MurderYikes.
  6. cannes film festival 2013
    Coen Brothers, Alexander Payne, Steven Soderbergh Among Cannes CompetitorsSofia Coppola and James Franco face off in the undercard competition.
  7. casting
    James Franco Casts Up As I Lay DyingDanny McBride, Logan Marshall-Green, and Franco’s ex-girlfriend.