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As Told To

  1. 100 scares
    The Story Behind Scream’s 12-Minute, Still-Terrifying Opening Scare“I wanted it to be just long enough that the audience thinks she might survive it.”
  2. memoirs
    How Memoirist Marina Benjamin Learned to Stopped Worrying and Love InsomniaDefying a long cultural history of pushy remedies and “rest cures,” as detailed in her new book, Insomnia.
  3. Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda on Life After Chester Bennington, in His Own Words“I’d be out getting ice cream with friends or my kids and a Linkin Park song will just side-swipe you at some point.”
  4. as told to
    How Orlando Jones Constructed His Showstopping American Gods Monologue“To deliver that or to try and create that conversation around a voice that was yelling just seemed the absolutely wrong way to go.”
  5. as told to
    OITNB: A Trans Ex-Con on Solitary Confinement“How can you be in a prison in prison?”
  6. as told to
    How 30 Rock’s Classic Leap Day Episode Came to BeHappy Merlinpeen!
  7. grammys 2016
    How Producer Jeff Bhasker Made ‘Uptown Funk’“Invoking an emotion is the most important part.”
  8. alec baldwin
    Parade Removes 80 IQ Points from Alec BaldwinParade probably makes everyone sound this dumb, but it’s especially funny when it’s Alec.