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As You Like It

  1. stage dive
    Review: Shakespeare in the Park’s As You Like ItThere’s nothing here but pleasure and pleasantry, making it a fine but minor dish.
  2. shakespeare in the park
    Into the Woods, As You Like It Headed to Central ParkAll the world’s a stage. Particularly if your world includes Shakespeare in the Park.
  3. stage dive
    A Summer of Impressively Tough GalsStill hurting for some untrammeled femme-dom energy, even after getting worked over by Tyne Daly in ‘Master Class’? Well, unwrap your hard candies now.
  4. chat room
    Stephen Dillane Has Doubts About Shakespeare“But we want to make a living, so one is always compromised.”
  5. chat room
    Interview: Bryce Dallas Howard, As You Like HerRon Howard’s daughter gets Shakespearean.