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  1. netflix
    Why Are British Soft Boys Taking Over Netflix?He’s the pale, awkward, polite future of streaming TV.
  2. interviews
    Talking Sex, Dildos, and Psychology With Gillian Anderson and Asa ButterfieldNetflix’s new comedy doesn’t shy away from taboo sex talk, and neither do its stars.
  3. trailer mix
    Sex Education Trailer: Get an Appointment With Gillian Anderson, Shag SpecialistYou just know her son is a virgin.
  4. castings
    Gillian Anderson Will Be Your Sex Therapist in Netflix’s Sex EducationShe will co-star with Asa Butterfield.
  5. red carpets
    Miss Peregrine’s Cast Reveals Own Peculiarities“I can dislocate my shoulder and pop it back.”
  6. the industy
    Radcliffe, Hathaway, Keanu Join New Carruth FilmThe Carruth is on fire.
  7. video
    Watch Ethan Hawke Get High With His Teenage SonA questionable parenting moment from his new film, Ten Thousand Saints.
  8. the industry
    One of These Skinny White Dweebs Will Probably Be Your Next Spider-ManWill it be Nat Wolff or Asa Butterfield?
  9. movie review
    Edelstein on Ender’s Game: A Chilly, Unromantic View of Space WarStarring Asa Butterfield as the title character in a film based on Orson Scott Card’s 1985 novel.
  10. Ender’s Game Trailer: More Star Wars for Harrison FordOld actors and young actors versus aliens.
  11. Ender’s Game Has Its EnderHugo’s Asa Butterfield has been offered the role.
  12. the industry
    Paula Returns!Plus: Channing Tatum to play Captain America too.