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    Dissecting Genesis’ ‘Jesus He Knows Me’ With the Coolest Pastor I Know“I probably took Phil Collins more seriously than he took himself on some of his songs.”
  2. ask an expert
    Is Kacey Musgraves’s Star-crossed Really a Greek Tragedy? We Asked a Professor“Instead of the volcanic, old-school treatment of hurt and pain, we’re going for the poignancy of it.”
  3. the law
    What Happens to Britney Spears Now?The wheels of justice to end her conservatorship might not move as quickly as Spears and her fans want.
  4. ask an expert
    Is It Safe to Go to a Movie Theater Right Now?Dr. Robert Lahita attempts to answer all of our questions about cinema’s grand reopening this August.
  5. horny summer
    We Asked a Gyno About “WAP”Dr. Lauren Streicher weighs in on “macaroni in a pot,” touching that dangly thing that swings in the back of your throat, and more.
  6. ask an expert
    Is It Safe to Go to a Concert Right Now?Everything you need to know before making that call.
  7. ask an expert
    Making Sense of Radiohead’s Nonsensical Copyright Dispute With Lana Del ReyLana claims Radiohead wants 100 percent of her song’s publishing. Radiohead says it never sued. What’s really going on?
  8. Ask an Expert: Can the Plagiarism Charges Against Emma Cline Hold Up in Court?It’s unlikely.
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    An Expert Explains Why You’re Scared of Creepy Clowns and Other Horror TropesA Harvard psychiatrist has the answers to your It-based fears.
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    6 Sexperts on Grey Worm and Missandei’s Future As a CoupleWhat’s a eunuch in love to do?
  11. ask an expert
    R. Kelly’s Latest Legal Trouble, ExplainedWith Kelly accused of running a “sex cult,” he could be headed for another legal battle.
  12. ask an expert
    Where Do PWR BTTM Go From Here?PWR BTTM’s music has been yanked from streaming services over allegations of sexual assault. Can they get it back?
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    Phew: Fate of the Furious’ Car-Hacking Stunt Wouldn’t Actually WorkFate of the Furious fact-check: Even the best supervillain couldn’t pull off the movie’s car-hacking stunt.
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    Could a Real-Life San Junipero Ever Happen? We Asked a Neuroscientist “It’s kind of this techno substitution for traditional stories of life after death. It’s just substituting a different mechanism.”
  15. ask an expert
    How Realistic Is Westworld? We Asked a FuturistShould we start preparing for the robocalypse?
  16. ask an expert
    John Turturro’s Feet on Night Of: An Assessment“We use higher-tech treatment than Crisco on the Upper East Side of New York, anyway.”
  17. ask an expert
    How Accurate Was Game of Thrones’ Battle of the Bastards?A Song of Ice and Fire expert explains.
  18. ask an expert
    How NASA Would Rescue Someone From MarsCould the thrilling rescue in The Martian happen in real life?
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    How Exactly Did Ant-Man Make Michael Douglas Look So Young?Some stickers, lots of CGI, and multiple viewings of Wall Street.
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    Inside Out Nails the Science of How Our Memories FunctionThe movie is sweet and scientifically accurate.
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    Why Pixar Movies Make Us CryBig eyes, full hearts, can’t keep it together. 
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    A Harvard Geneticist on Jurassic World’s Science George M. Church is a leading light in the “de-extinction” efforts.
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    Where Does the Robert Durst Case Go From Here?“They’re getting closer to being able to arrest him in the disappearance of Kathleen Durst.”
  24. ask an expert
    Ask a Juilliard Professor: How Real Is Whiplash?“If Wynton Marsalis, who’s my boss here at Juilliard, did that, he’d be thrown out.”
  25. ask an expert
    Game of Thrones: How to Chain Your DragonGet it? You get it.
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    Ask a Career Coach: 4 Things Don Draper Should Do to Fix His LifeDon needs a new job. And a new life.
  27. ask an expert
    Dr. Ruth’s Oscar Game: The Extended VersionShe wrote some more bets for Vulture.
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    Legal Opinion: Can Bates’s Guilty Verdict Be Overturned on Downton Abbey?We asked an NYU law professor for his professional advice.
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    Jill Abramson on The Newsroom: ‘It’s Fantasy’“Parts of it to me seemed implausible.”
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    Will Downton Abbey’s Matthew Crawley Ever Be Able to Procreate? A Medical Expert Weighs InOutlook: not good.