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    Making Sense of Radiohead’s Nonsensical Copyright Dispute With Lana Del ReyLana claims Radiohead wants 100 percent of her song’s publishing. Radiohead says it never sued. What’s really going on?
  2. Ask an Expert: Can the Plagiarism Charges Against Emma Cline Hold Up in Court?It’s unlikely.
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    R. Kelly’s Latest Legal Trouble, ExplainedWith Kelly accused of running a “sex cult,” he could be headed for another legal battle.
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    Where Do PWR BTTM Go From Here?PWR BTTM’s music has been yanked from streaming services over allegations of sexual assault. Can they get it back?
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    Phew: Fate of the Furious’ Car-Hacking Stunt Wouldn’t Actually WorkFate of the Furious fact-check: Even the best supervillain couldn’t pull off the movie’s car-hacking stunt.
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    Could a Real-Life San Junipero Ever Happen? We Asked a Neuroscientist “It’s kind of this techno substitution for traditional stories of life after death. It’s just substituting a different mechanism.”
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    How Realistic Is Westworld? We Asked a FuturistShould we start preparing for the robocalypse?
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    John Turturro’s Feet on Night Of: An Assessment“We use higher-tech treatment than Crisco on the Upper East Side of New York, anyway.”
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    How Accurate Was Game of Thrones’ Battle of the Bastards?A Song of Ice and Fire expert explains.
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    Legal Opinion: Can Bates’s Guilty Verdict Be Overturned on Downton Abbey?We asked an NYU law professor for his professional advice.
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    Jill Abramson on The Newsroom: ‘It’s Fantasy’“Parts of it to me seemed implausible.”
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    Will Downton Abbey’s Matthew Crawley Ever Be Able to Procreate? A Medical Expert Weighs InOutlook: not good.
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    A Professional Car Washer Reviews Hollywood’s Sexiest Car-Wash ScenesFrom ‘Bad Teacher’ to ‘Cool Hand Luke,’ are they even getting those things clean?