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  1. asmr
    Soothe Your Weary Bones With the Trailer for Joe Pera Talks With You Season TwoLooking for some “Boyfriend Comforts You at the Beauty Parlor” ASMR?
  2. tingles
    Relax to the Soothing Sounds of ‘ASMR for White Liberals’Randall Otis’s new video is hilarious and worth your time.
  3. asmr
    Inside the Rise of the ASMR CommercialHow a niche internet thing went mainstream.
  4. podcast review
    The WALKING Podcast Is a Weird, Lovely Ode to NatureLove the outdoors and weird podcasts? Try listening to Jon Mooallem’s ambient-noise podcast.
  5. asmr
    [Whispers] Cardi B Is the ASMRtist We DeserveThis is surely the softest okurrr! she’s ever uttered.
  6. asmr
    Human ASMR Video Janet Jackson Makes an ASMR Video Just for You“My favorite place to visit in Los Angeles is … my bed.”
  7. Brandon Wardell Is Releasing an ASMR Comedy Album Next MonthStandup Brandon Wardell must be extremely aware of how many views ASMR videos get on YouTube, because he’s tapping into that crinkle- and […]
  8. You Had To Be There #76: Emily HellerThis week, the ladies describe the agony and the ecstasy of handling hecklers, inspired by a recent showdown Nikki won at the Cellar. Sara […]