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Assassination Nation

  1. close reads
    The Trans Heroes of Euphoria and Assassination NationTo understand why Jules is such a revolutionary character, watch the last movie by Euphoria’s creator.
  2. movies
    ‘Let It Burn’: Assassination Nation and the Cinema of the EndAssassination speaks to a trend in today’s movies: a sense that our current social and political trajectories make peaceful reconciliation impossible.
  3. movies
    Suki Waterhouse Actually Shot Someone While Filming Assassination NationBut they’re probably fine!
  4. Comic-Con: Assassination Nation is More Than Just “the Teen PurgeThe satiric ultra-violent horror-thriller has both big ideas and buckets of blood
  5. trailer mix
    The Assassination Nation Teaser Threatens Toxic Masculinity, Giant FrogsThere are a lot of trigger warnings here.
  6. sundance 2018
    A Movie About Teenage Girls Murdering Sexists Got the Biggest Deal at SundanceThe $10 million deal for revenge fantasy Assassination Nation is the biggest purchase of the festival.
  7. Hari Nef and Suki Waterhouse Were Rejected from a Gay Leather Bar in New Orleans“There were some things happening that women weren’t invited to.”