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  1. important questions
    Can Outer Space Drive a Person Insane? Let’s Ask an Astronaut.In Lucy in the Sky, Natalie Portman totally loses her mind, in the tradition of several movie astronauts before her.
  2. movies in space
    Nine Tips for Becoming the Perfect Astronaut Movie WifeIncluding how to prep your “I’m staring at my husband while my husband stares at the moon” face.
  3. On the Eve of a Grand Space Voyage, by Jeremy Freeze Good evening, distinguished members of the world’s first interplanetary exploration team. As you prepare both physically and mentally for the […]
  4. hal 9000 recommends
    The Movies, TV Shows Astronauts Watch in SpaceIn space, nobody can hear you stream.
  5. Buzz Aldrin Loved Doing ‘30 Rock’“My father, in 1925, 1926, in the Reserve of the Air Corps, worked as Aviation Fuel Manager for Standard Oil of New Jersey, that’s where I […]
  6. astronauts
    Justin Bieber Is Going to SpaceBut only as a tourist.
  7. astronauts
    Kate Winslet-Rock’nroll Is Going to SpaceWedding present!
  8. astronauts
    Ashton Kutcher to Be the First Celebrity in SpaceUnless Bey and Jay really do get there first.
  9. astronauts
    Watch a Japanese Astronaut Play Baseball With HimselfJapanese astronaut Satoshi Furukawa plays baseball against himself inside the International Space Station.