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  1. at the movies
    The Farewell Says Hello to Year’s Highest Per-Theater Average Over EndgameWith a blackout and everything.
  2. at the movies
    Your Phone Can Ruin Your Life, Says Oliver Stone“The information you’ve put out into the world — voluntarily — is enough to burn your life to the ground.”
  3. at the movies
    12 Years a Slave Expands to 1,000 Theaters Post-Oscar WinYou already told everyone you saw it. Time to make it true!
  4. tv
    At the Movies on HiatusIt’s not a lack of viewers, it’s a lack of funding.
  5. roger ebert
    Roger Ebert Can’t Afford to Finance At the Movies AnymoreGet on Kickstarter, Roger!
  6. roger ebert
    Ebert Names Co-Hosts for At the MoviesAnd one is a 24-year-old.
  7. pickup lines
    Roger Ebert Resurrects At the MoviesNow known as ‘Roger Ebert Presents at the Movies.’
  8. Ebert Still Working On That TV ShowWorking title: ‘Roger Ebert Presents At the Movies.’
  9. endings
    At the Movies Cancelled After 24-Year RunEbert blames Ben Lyons for show’s demise.
  10. trailer mix
    Trailer for New At the Movies Subtly Promises Fewer BensTwo accomplished critics! One stimulating discussion! With serious reviews from serious journalists!
  11. parting is such sweet sorrow
    At the Movies Puts the Two Bens Out to PastureSay hello to A.O. Scott and Michael Phillips!
  12. friends in low places
    With Friends Like These, Ben Lyons Needs More FriendsOr, one man’s largely ineloquent quest to rush to the defense of Ben Lyons.