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  1. The Rise of “Clapter” ComedyWhen news broke last week that FX’s critically acclaimed comedy Atlanta would finally be returning for its second season, I marked the occasion […]
  2. An ‘SNL’ Audience Member Describes Her Brush with Live TV“What was running through my head: ‘holy shit, no this is not happening. Is this for real? Uh, I have to say something?! Don’t fuck up, don’t […]
  3. Could You Get Paid to Laugh Infectiously?Laughter ringers are people with infectious laughs that live-audience sitcoms plant in the audience to get the rest of the crowd going, and […]
  4. Norm MacDonald’s Audience ProblemWhen Norm MacDonald was hosting SNL’s Weekend Update, his relationship with the studio audience was a serious chunk of his charm. He would […]
  5. Is Overenthusiasm Worse Than Heckling?It’s going on five years since I’ve regularly watched late night comedy. In my living room, the Conans, the Colberts, and the Lettermen have […]