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Austin Powers

  1. vulture lists
    Every Will Ferrell Movie, RankedWhich film best captures the Will Ferrell Experience?
  2. All of These Film Franchises Take Place Solely on EarthJust in case you need a break from the vastness of the galaxy.
  3. sequels
    Does Mike Myers’s Latest Austin Powers 4 Update Make You Horny, Baby?The Austin Powers franchise isn’t dead just yet.
  4. Mike Myers: AuteurPeople weren’t quite sure what to make of Mike Myers’ (alleged) hosting gig as Tommy Maitland on the new Gong Show. Why the makeup? Why the […]
  5. footloose and butt free
    Austin Powers Had to Edit Out Mike Myers’s Butt Cheek to Dodge an R RatingInstead the movie “went for a slightly more profile version.”
  6. Michelle Markowitz No Longer Likes You as a ManOur story this week: Sideburns, zoot suits, and Fred Savage, these are the three omens that signaled Michelle Markowitz’s late blooming into a […]
  7. Talking to Jay Roach About ‘Austin Powers’, ‘Meet the Parents’, and […]Jay Roach’s first major break as a director was comedy gold. Granted, when your muse is Austin Powers it’s not entirely surprising. In addition […]
  8. 5 Failed Attempts to Turn Comedy Movies Into Animated SeriesAdapting a popular comedy movie into an animated series aimed at adults rarely works out, but it’s still something Hollywood has been trying […]
  9. Funny Songs Performed in Comedy Movies Released as Singles to Promote […] This was a curious promotional thing in the ‘90s and slightly beyond, back when music videos were a relevant cultural force. A funny […]
  10. The Austin Powers Musical Is Red-Hot in Development, UnbelievablyTony-winning co-director of The Book of Mormon Casey Nicholaw might sign on to direct the Austin Powers musical currently in development. Burt […]
  11. A Projected Song List for Austin Powers: The MusicalJust in case the Austin Powers series does become a musical, here’s a rough draft of the song list: I’m Almost Saying a Word for Testicles! […]
  12. theater
    Austin Powers Might Be Headed to BroadwayBut no Mike Myers.