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Australia (movie)

  1. vulture lists
    20 Pic Chest-off: Jackman vs. McConaugheyOne can never really appreciate the full extent of a thespian’s talents until he acts shirtless.
  2. jackman
    Hugh Jackman On Fire This Week’Australia’ is a hit! (In Australia.)
  3. oscarpocalypse
    Oscars’ Secret Ratings Weapon: the Team Behind AustraliaOscar host Hugh Jackman has asked Baz Luhrmann to produce his opening number on February 22.
  4. honesty
    Nicole Kidman on Australia: ‘I Can’t Look at This Movie and Be Proud’At least she’s being honest!
  5. ranters and ravers
    Vulture’s Critics’ Poll: What’s the Worst Movie of 2008?Vulture checks with 57 of America’s top critics to find out.
  6. backlash
    Nicole Kidman Harangued by Unruly FacebookersAn increasing number of Facebook users are asking themselves “Am I Taking Crazy Pills or is Nicole Kidman the Worst Actress in the World?”
  7. kudos
    Is Hugh Jackman Too Sexy to Win an Oscar?’Older male Academy members have a long-standing tradition of slapping the stud,’ says Tom O’Neil.
  8. imminent disasters
    Stressed-Out Baz Luhrmann Agrees to New Ending for ‘Australia’After ‘disastrous reviews’ from test audiences, ‘Australia’ will get a more uplifting ending.
  9. oscarpocalypse
    ‘Australia’: Still Not Done!Says Baz Luhrmann: ‘It’s a little like landing a jumbo jet on an aircraft carrier in a storm.’
  10. shameless overanalysis
    ‘Australia’ Trailer Not Totally Helping Hugh Jackman’s CaseThere’s been concern over whether the big-budget movie’s lead is “straight” enough to sell the flick to an audience.
  11. unicorns
    Can ‘Australia’ Finally Convince Moviegoers That Hugh Jackman Isn’t Gay?20th Century Fox sure hopes so!