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Australia (movie)

  1. jackman
    Hugh Jackman On Fire This Week’Australia’ is a hit! (In Australia.)
  2. oscarpocalypse
    Oscars’ Secret Ratings Weapon: the Team Behind AustraliaOscar host Hugh Jackman has asked Baz Luhrmann to produce his opening number on February 22.
  3. honesty
    Nicole Kidman on Australia: ‘I Can’t Look at This Movie and Be Proud’At least she’s being honest!
  4. backlash
    Nicole Kidman Harangued by Unruly FacebookersAn increasing number of Facebook users are asking themselves “Am I Taking Crazy Pills or is Nicole Kidman the Worst Actress in the World?”
  5. kudos
    Is Hugh Jackman Too Sexy to Win an Oscar?’Older male Academy members have a long-standing tradition of slapping the stud,’ says Tom O’Neil.
  6. imminent disasters
    Stressed-Out Baz Luhrmann Agrees to New Ending for ‘Australia’After ‘disastrous reviews’ from test audiences, ‘Australia’ will get a more uplifting ending.
  7. oscarpocalypse
    ‘Australia’: Still Not Done!Says Baz Luhrmann: ‘It’s a little like landing a jumbo jet on an aircraft carrier in a storm.’
  8. shameless overanalysis
    ‘Australia’ Trailer Not Totally Helping Hugh Jackman’s CaseThere’s been concern over whether the big-budget movie’s lead is “straight” enough to sell the flick to an audience.
  9. unicorns
    Can ‘Australia’ Finally Convince Moviegoers That Hugh Jackman Isn’t Gay?20th Century Fox sure hopes so!