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  1. international affairs
    Conan O’Brien Is Petting Koalas in Australia for His Next TBS SpecialThanks to some shaming from Hugh Jackman, O’Brien is now Down Under.
  2. tv
    Margot Robbie Is Producing a Female-Led Shakespeare SeriesFinally the Lady MacBeths of the world get their due.
  3. marriage equality
    Macklemore Defied Public Outcry With National Rugby League PerformanceDespite a petition with 18,000 signatures, Macklemore performed “Same Love” at the National Rugby League Grand Final.
  4. the political climate
    Australian Author Recounts Terrifying Detainment by U.S. Immigration Officers“This is what happens when extremists take power.”
  5. cancellations
    Josh Thomas Announces That Season 4 of Please Like Me Was Its Last“We are really happy with what we’ve made and feel like it is complete.”
  6. the art of trolling
    Bruce Springsteen Trolls Trump by Covering ‘Don’t Hang Up’ in Australia“We stand before you embarrassed Americans tonight.”
  7. vulture recommends
    Please Like Me Is Your Winter Comfort TVForget your troubles and head to Melbourne.
  8. musicals
    Muriel’s Wedding The Musical Will Debut in 2017The only reason to ever return to Porpoise Spit.
  9. last night on late night
    Natasha Leggero Was Once a Brothel ReceptionistWhen God closes a door, he opens a secretarial position at a bordello.
  10. roll clip!
    Aussie Deputy PM: Depp’s Apology Lacked Gusto“I don’t think [Depp will] get an Academy Award for his performance.”
  11. the dog days are over
    Amber Heard Pleads Guilty in Aussie Dog DramaDepp didn’t get in trouble, but he did film an apology video with the actress.
  12. the timeless art of seduction
    Australia Has a George Costanza–Themed BarWill it serve Junior Mints?
  13. cate blanchett
    Cate Blanchett Likes Gruesome MetaphorsAspiring actors, probably don’t talk to Cate.
  14. taylor swift
    A Taylor Swift Fan Got to Meet Her Idol Before Losing Her Hearing“She was very, very amazing and very pretty.”
  15. music
    Australia May Ban Chris BrownOfficials say they may refuse entry to Brown because of his domestic abuse record.
  16. Why You Should Be Watching the Wonderfully Bizarre ‘Danger 5’Danger 5, a 2012 Australian action-comedy that finally made its way to the States last month on Netflix, is not only a weird new comedy you […]
  17. This Week In Web Videos: ‘BedHead’Looking for immediate satisfaction? Don’t fucking make comedy. Sorry. That was a lot. What I really mean to say is: with very few exceptions, […]
  18. The Five Best Australian Comedy PodcastsGreetings from Australia, American friends! I have long gorged at the trough that is American culture: your televisual broadcasts, your […]
  19. Chris Lilley’s Next Project Is a One-Hour Mockumentary About Snowboarders […]Australian comedian Chris Lilley (Summer Heights High) is taking on snowboarders for his next comedy. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that […]
  20. Watch a Teaser for Chris Lilley’s New ‘Summer Heights High’ Spinoff […] As we reported last week, Australian comedian Chris Lilley is making a new show centered around his Summer Heights High character Jonah […]
  21. casting couch
    Nicole Kidman Joins Drama About Kids Getting Lost in the Australian OutbackOz natives Hugo Weaving and Guy Pearce will also star in Strangerland.
  22. Chris Lilley’s New Show Is About ‘Summer Heights High’s Ja’mie KingAustralian comedian Chris Lilley is making a new show all about Ja’mie King, the self-absorbed teenage school girl monster he played on Summer […]
  23. trailer park
    Watch a Teaser for Chris Lilley’s New Ja’mie King ShowJa’mie: Private School Girl is gonna be so random.
  24. australia
    Kate Winslet Signs on for The DressmakerIt’s set in Australia. And she plays the dressmaker.
  25. ‘Please Like Me’ Is the Best New TV Comedy You’ve Never Heard OfAll six episodes of the first season of Please Like Me premiered last Thursday on Pivot, a cable network that launched on that very same day. […]
  26. Watch the Final Installment in John Oliver’s ‘Daily Show’ Gun Control […] In case you missed it, John Oliver did an excellent three-part report on gun control in Australia on The Daily Show that aired over the last […]
  27. ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Writers Share Facts About AustraliaMcSweeney’s has a list of abandoned jokes from the Bob’s Burgers writer’s room today. They’re all facts about Australia that didn’t make it an […]
  28. seal
    Watch Seal Have … a Moment on The Voice AustraliaMaybe it was just a bad camera angle. We hope.
  29. FX Doubles Down on the Aussies with LegitFX has found success by looking down under with their excellent remake of Wilfred, and now they’re looking back to Australia for their next […]
  30. clickables
    Watch a Fake Baby T-Rex Terrorize a Group of SchoolchildrenAll the kids in Australia wear Crocodile Dundee hats.
  31. clickables
    Watch an Absurd, Possibly Effective Australian Real-Estate CommercialWhat a lovely home.
  32. clickables
    Enjoy a New Form of News Blooper: The Hiccup ReportShe soldiers through.
  33. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Conan O’Brien Is the Anti–Charlie SheenPlus, Isla Fisher does a terrible job of selling Jimmy Fallon on a vacation to her homeland of Australia, on our regular late-night roundup
  34. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: I Need You to Get Me Some ChildrenIt’s time for a roo’d awakening!
  35. down under
    Crocodile Dundee, a Free ManHe’s finally allowed to leave Australia.
  36. Britney Rattled by False Reports That Fans Stormed Out on Her for Lip-SynchingShe does lip-synch, but did you really go to hear her sing? Or did you just go to see her be nutty? Because she does that like a champ.
  37. australia
    Harry Connick Jr.’s Non-Blackface MadTV Sketch the Same As Blackface Jackson 5 Tribute, Claim Incorrect PeopleHarry Connick Jr. is being branded a hypocrite by idiots.
  38. australia
    Harry Connick Jr. No Fan of Australian Blackface Michael Jackson Tribute“If they turned up like that in the United States, it’d be like ‘Hey Hey There’s No More Show.’”
  39. overnights
    ‘Trapped in the Closet’ Chapter Sixteen: Oh Snap!Another day, another magnificent chapter of R. Kelly’s serialized hip-hopera.