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  1. rip
    Singin’ in the Rain Director Stanley Donen Dead at 94He’s known for his frequent collaborations with Gene Kelly.
  2. auteurs
    Director Nicolas Roeg Dead at 90His oeuvre included The Man Who Fell to Earth and Don’t Look Now.
  3. space movies
    First Man, Gravity, 2001: A Space Odyssey: When Auteurs Go to SpaceThe emptiness of the cosmos, combined with the sudden malleability of time, has a way of bringing out the more experimental side of filmmakers.
  4. auteurs
    Lost Stanley Kubrick Screenplay Has the Courtesy to Show Itself After 60 YearsBurning Secret could very much become a film.
  5. Mike Myers: AuteurPeople weren’t quite sure what to make of Mike Myers’ (alleged) hosting gig as Tommy Maitland on the new Gong Show. Why the makeup? Why the […]
  6. Applying the Auteur Theory to Kevin SmithIn the early ‘90s American Indie boom, auteurs like Quentin Tarantino and Steven Soderbergh emerged into the zeitgeist with personal, […]
  7. auteurs
    Kanye Is Maybe Possibly Making a Movie in the Middle EastWho knows.
  8. auteurs
    Shia LaBeouf Told Regis and Kelly He’s Working With Marilyn MansonSee the interview.
  9. auteurs
    Beyoncé Directed Her Own Concert MovieComing to a television near you.
  10. how hitchcockian
    BFI Hunts for the Film Hitchcock Never Wanted You to SeeHe called it “awful,” and now we’re dying to see it.
  11. auteurs
    RZA Now Orson Welles, BasicallyUniversal will distribute the Wu-Tang leader’s directorial debut.
  12. auteurs
    Kevin Smith Manages to Fit a Penis Joke on to Cop Out PosterWe knew he could do it.
  13. auteurs
    Kevin Smith’s New Movie Gets a Dicks-Free New NameAnd it’s definitely not as good as ‘A Couple of Dicks.’
  14. auteurs
    Kevin Smith Loses Battle Over Dicks“It’s not MY movie, [it’s] a movie I was hired to direct.”
  15. auteurs
    Meticulousness of Wes Anderson Extends to New York Cover ShootThere weren’t any e-mails this time around, but we did get some phone calls.
  16. auteurs
    James Cameron Is Crowning (Repeatedly)Do your research, journalists!
  17. auteurs
    Uwe Boll Courageously Tackles Hot-Button Issues in DarfurConcerned he’s selling out? Never!
  18. auteurs
    Richard Kelly Resigns Himself to Being a Pawn of the Studio SystemYou’d never read an interview with James Cameron that goes like this.
  19. auteurs
    How Much of The Fantastic Mr. Fox Did Wes Anderson Direct via E-mail?Judging by a recent interview, a good chunk of it!
  20. vampires
    The Decade of del Toro Beckons, But No One Wants to Produce His Vampire TV ShowTurns out networks are on the hunt for vampire comedies. Who knew?
  21. auteurs
    Why Was Scarlett Johansson’s Short Film Cut From New York, I Love You?“It was really bad, so it was cut.”