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Autotune The News

  1. this is the remix
    Cardi B’s Shutdown Rant Has Received the Auto-Tune the News TreatmentAnd issa bop!
  2. andrew rose gregory
    ‘Auto-Tune the News’ Guy Performs ‘Video Game’Scoff if you must, but he’s really quite good!
  3. joseph gordon levitt
    See Joseph Gordon-Levitt Help Auto-Tune the NewsFrom 3rd Rock to musical-political parody, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s got you covered. He’s a friggin’ machine!
  4. music
    Obama Raps About ‘Ass-Kicking’“The best possible circumstance for me is ass-kicking.”
  5. music
    In Case You Missed It: The New ‘Auto-Tune the News’Build a turtle fence.