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    Sigourney Weaver ‘Had Some Concerns’ About Shooting Avatar 2 Underwater“But that’s what the training was for.”
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    All of the Avatar Sequel Announcements: A TimelineCome hell, high water, or a global pandemic, the first Avatar sequel is coming December 17, 2021.
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    The Neverending Story of Those Neverappearing Avatar SequelsJames Cameron, still stuck in Pandora.
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    James Cameron, You’ll Be MissedI’m not ready to lose Cameron to Avatar for the entire back half of his career.
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    James Cameron Is Tired of Avengers MoviesAnd he wants to make Avatar more like The Godfather. We know.
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    Today James Cameron Started Production on His 4 Avatar SequelsThe final film in the series is currently scheduled to hit theaters in 2025.
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    Stephen Lang Will Be the Villain in All 4 Avatar Sequels“It’s not a whole bunch of new characters every time,” Cameron said of the sequels.
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    Avatar 2 Delayed IndefinitelyIt will not compete with Episode VIII.
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    James Cameron Has Scripts for 4 Avatar SequelsWhat’s one more Avatar movie?
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    James Cameron Says the Avatar Sequels Are Delayed Until at Least 2017Cameron’s trying to write the scripts for all three movies at the same time.
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    How Will Zoe Saldana Shoot All 5 of Her Upcoming Sci-Fi Sequels?Avatar is definitely coming first,” then Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Star Trek 3.
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    Sigourney Weaver Will Transform in Each Avatar Sequel“My part is a little different in each one.”
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    All Three Avatar Sequels Are UnderwayAccording to James Cameron.
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    Avatar Sequels Will Introduce Underwater Motion-CaptureMeaning every other movie will be doing it the year after.
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    James Cameron Says Avatar 4 Will Be a PrequelIt’s the “logical thing to do.”
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    Have A-List Directors Become Too Married to Their Franchises?Peter Jackson, Michael Bay, and James Cameron won’t step away from their big franchises.
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    Sigourney Weaver Claims Three More Avatar Sequels Are ComingAnd they might all shoot at the same time.
  18. Avatar 2, Star Wars TV Show May Be DelayedDon’t expect to see either for several years.
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    Avatar 3 to Possibly Be Filmed Along With Avatar 2“Really what I’m working on now primarily is the novel. I didn’t want to do some cheesy novelization, where some hack comes in and makes shit up.”
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    James Cameron’s Underwater Plans for Avatar 2HMFIC: “I’m going to be focusing on the ocean on Pandora.”
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    The Avatar 2 Trailer Looks Kind of FamiliarSo, take all the movies, put them together, and color it blue. Done.
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    Sigourney Weaver Says She’s Coming Back for Avatar 2But wait, how is that possible?
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    Wildly Successful Movie to Have SequelHMFIC: “Yes, there’ll be another.”