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  1. keeping up with the kardashians
    Hear More of Kanye West’s Sweet Ode to Kim Kardashian, ‘Awesome’From last night’s KUWTK wedding-themed finale.
  2. awesome
    Beastie Boys Get a Bank Robber Named After ThemSay hello to the Beastie Boys Bandit.
  3. radio vulture
    The Joy of Shredding: Notes on Camp GuitarThe “Shred For Your Life” guitar solo competition unleashes fierce energy.
  4. awesome
    Sade Announces Plans to Walk Among the Common FolkShe’s touring!
  5. awesome
    Bill & Ted May One Day ReuniteOr at least Bill sure hopes so.
  6. awesome
    Richard Linklater Casts Jack Black and Shirley MacLaine in Texas-Set Dark ComedyMurder! Rich ladies! Linklater!
  7. awesome
    Rob Lowe Owns Miramax“The acquisition of a classic brand like Miramax is an exciting first step in my partnership with Tom Barrack and Colony Capital.”
  8. tony race 2011
    Samuel L. Jackson to Maybe Play MLK on BroadwayHe’s in town this week to read for the lead role in a new play on Martin Luther King Jr.
  9. hope
    Damon Albarn Totally Up for Doing More Blur Songs“We can’t do it all the time. So I don’t want anyone to think there’s an album coming soon, it’s not possible, but we’ve got songs!”
  10. awesome
    Stewart, Colbert Back for MoreComedy Central announced this morning that they’ve extended their deals with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.
  11. awesome
    Joss Whedon Gets Revenge With The AvengersJoss Whedon may finally get to be in charge of something Fox can’t cancel prematurely.
  12. awesome
    Spotify Coming to U.S. SoonWelcome back to the First World, everybody!
  13. awesome
    Bill Murray’s Latest Role: Part-Time BartenderSee the video!
  14. awesome
    Final Scott Pilgrim Drops July 20Awesome.
  15. awesome
    Curb Your Enthusiasm Probably Coming BackLarry David told a crowd at PaleyFest yesterday that there’s a “pretty good chance” ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ will return for more episodes.
  16. awesome
    Humpday Director Doing Then We Came to the EndLynn Shelton says she’s working on the movie version of Joshua Ferris’s book.
  17. cavemen
    Cavemen RememberedFormer star Nick Kroll has posted a remembrance of the series, along with links to video of full episodes.
  18. awesome
    Run-DMC Gets a Broadway Musical’Walk This Great White Way’?
  19. awesome
    Julie Taylor on Being a Panther FanIt’s all screams and tears.
  20. chat room
    Mad Men’s Vincent Kartheiser on Pete’s FutureKartheiser chatted with us about being recognized on the bus and the recent firing of ‘Mad Men’ writer Kater Gordon.
  21. awesome
    Tom Waits to Release Stand-up Comedy Album, BasicallyTom Waits’s upcoming live album will come packed with a bonus disc featuring 35 minutes of his circuitous stage banter.
  22. dreams
    Awesome Wish GrantedA dream came true recently for one 14-year-old British girl.
  23. kiss my grits
    True Blood Finally Gets a Much-Deserved Laugh TrackCall us crazy, but we vastly prefer this to ‘Alice’!
  24. awesome
    Leonard Cohen: Back!After collapsing on a stage in Valencia, Spain, on Saturday, reportedly from food poisoning, Leonard Cohen played a show in Barcelona yesterday.
  25. harry potter
    Meet Us at the OwleryUniversal has released concept art and a video giving a virtual tour of its upcoming theme park.
  26. awesome
    Mickey Rourke Ram Jams Fashion WeekSadly, he seems to have left his drunken cockatoo at home.
  27. kanye
    Kanye Interrupts ObamaWell, this certainly didn’t take long.
  28. awesome
    iTunes to Allow Stealing, FinallyiTunes 9.0, available later today, will allow “home sharing” at last.
  29. awesome
    ‘The End’ for Beatles: Rock BandDespite Paul and Ringo’s hopes of keeping it a secret, the identity of the final track from The Beatles: Rock Band has been discovered.
  30. awesome
    Pixar to Make Marvel Movie?Prior to today’s Disney-Marvel deal, Pixar’s John Lasseter met with Marvel executives and “the group got pretty excited pretty fast.”
  31. awesome
    Mickey Rourke on Inside the Actors Studio: Scrumtrillescent!We only just now realized how much we’ve missed Mickey Rourke this summer.
  32. karma
    Gibraltar Ape Beats the Crap Out of Jason BiggsWhere’s Stifler when you need him?
  33. awesome
    Ex-Terminator Joins DollhouseSummer Glau will play “Bennett, a Dollhouse employee who shares a secret past with Eliza Dushku’s Echo.”
  34. awesome
    Will Mandy Patinkin Run Amok on Broadway?Michael Riedel says Patinkin is campaigning for a role in the upcoming revival of ‘La Cage aux Folles.’ We hope he gets it, since he’s nuts.
  35. awesome
    Beatles Video Game to Bring Christmas in SeptemberYou know how regular versions of Rock Band make you play through the entire game to unlock all of the included songs? The Beatles: Rock Band won’t make you do that.
  36. awesome
    Ghostbusters on YouTube: Don’t Cross the StreamsThe film is streaming for free in honor of its 25th anniversary.
  37. awesome
    After Seeing District 9, We Can’t Help But Wonder What Neill Blomkamp’s Halo Would’ve Been LikeEven better, how about ‘Bioshock’?
  38. john hughes
    John Hughes Remembered by Pen PalThe blogosphere is full of John Hughes tributes and remembrances today, but if you’ve somehow managed to miss this one, read it now.
  39. awesome
    Amy Poehler Is Coming Back to SNL! Well, Sorta!She’ll be reteaming with Seth Meyers on ‘Weekend Update Thursdays.’
  40. awesome
    Saved by the Bell Cast Reunites! Not for Jimmy Fallon!Featured on the cover of the new ‘People’ magazine is the cast of ‘Saved by the Bell,’ whom Fallon has been trying to reunite for months.
  41. mad men
    Mad Men–ize Yourself!Our avatar smokes two cigarettes!
  42. awesome
    Spaced Arrives to HuluIf you were too cheap to buy the DVD set last year, rejoice!
  43. awesome
    Unboxing the Mad Men Season-Three Press Kit!Won’t you join along?
  44. awesome
    Beck Writing Songs For Scott Pilgrim MovieBeck will contribute the music for Sex Bob-omb, the garage band in which Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) plays bass.
  45. awesome
    Catching Up With Lamar From Revenge of the NerdsIt’s the best interview we’ve read so far this morning.
  46. michael jackson
    A Mind-blowing Tour of Michael Jackson’s Personal Video-Game ArcadeWow!
  47. awesome
    Harry Potter: The Musical!It’s no ‘Once More, With Feeling,’ but then again, what is?
  48. awesome
    Batman’s Latest Nemesis: NPH!Unfortunately, not in the next movie, but rather, in a cartoon.
  49. awesome
    Friday the 13th: Snow Day?We’re so there!
  50. awesome
    Jimmy Fallon and John Krasinski Demo Project Natal, Xbox 360’s Wii KillerAnother reason we can’t help but like Jimmy Fallon!
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