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Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail

  1. slumdogs
    Slumdog Children Morph From Lovable Scamps to Lovable TruantsTheir trust is in jeopardy if they don’t start going to class.
  2. slumdogs
    Slumdog Child Star Gets New DigsFinally, some good news for the ‘Slumdog’ kids.
  3. slumdogs
    Danny Boyle Visits Slumdog Stars, Brings HousesBoyle is in India today visiting the young stars of his movie whose houses were recently demolished.
  4. terrible things
    Vulture Demands a Moratorium on Any Further Demolition of Slumdog Actors’ HousesWe’re serious this time.
  5. kudos
    Slumdog Millionaire Kids Set to Hit the Red CarpetWatch out for Gary Busey!