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  1. Today in Four Loko Parodies I guess it’s been about how long it takes to create a web video since Four Loko took over the news by killing idiot teenagers and being […]
  2. Today In Commercial Parodies: Business Stilts and Uggcitrin Here are two great new commercial parodies, both released today. The first is above, from CollegeHumor, for a lovely product called Business […]
  3. Kids Reenact Kanye’s Tweets Here is an adorable new series of videos from Babelgum: Kids Reenact Kanye’s Tweets. It is pretty self-explanatory! There are seven of ‘em in […]
  4. The Best Way to Keep Conan Popular? Cancel Him Again TBS is smart. They know that when NBC fired Conan, his popularity skyrocketed. So clearly, firing him again will make him even more popular. […]
  5. Back to the Disappointing, Underwhelming Future Sure, Back to the Future, Part II was awesome, but what if the future they went to was a little more realistic? Because really, we’re no […]
  6. Electing the Willfully Ignorant Here’s the first video in a new content partnership between UCBcomedy and Babelgum: Elect the Willfully Ignorant. It’s a parody of political […]