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  1. music
    See a 2-Year-Old Sing Joanna NewsomShe calls it “baby singing.”
  2. the unstoppable nph
    Neil Patrick Harris Expecting TwinsVia surrogate.
  3. babies
    Amy Poehler Gave Birth to a Baby BoyAbel James Arnett.
  4. sofia coppola
    Sofia Coppola Gave Birth to a Baby GirlThe father is Thomas Mars, of course.
  5. the law
    Was One of the Babies in Babies Working Illegally?Chilling.
  6. reality tv
    Discovery Health Wants You to Treat Every Week Like It’s Baby WeekBabies are scary, too!
  7. science
    Wild Things Trailer: Safe for BabiesA YouTube user has conducted a science experiment in which he shows the ‘Wild Things’ trailer to an adorable baby — who actually likes it.
  8. parenting
    Patton Oswalt’s Infant Daughter Improves Action MovieWe didn’t think that ‘Crank: High Voltage’ could possibly be improved by having children, but then again, what do we know?
  9. How James Bond Nearly Became a FatherAccording to ‘Quantum of Solace’ director Marc Forster, Paul Haggis wanted to give 007 a baby.