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Back To Broadway

  1. theater review
    Pop Renaissance! Six: The Musical Fans Lose Their Heads Over Broadway OpeningDeferred, beleaguered, survived.
  2. casting
    Daniel Craig and Ruth Negga Will Star in Macbeth on BroadwayWickedly coming this way in March.
  3. broadway
    Slave Play Is Chasing Its Tony Losses With a Return to BroadwayThe play will move to the August Wilson Theatre in November.
  4. tony awards 2021
    The Highs and Lows of the 2021 But Actually 2019–2020 Tony AwardsAnd I am telling you I don’t know how to use Paramount+.
  5. theater review
    Bond and Costanzo, Emotions Laid Bare, in Only an Octave ApartIf you clap hard enough — and you’d better — you’ll hear their encore, a mash-up of “Walk Like an Egyptian” and Philip Glass’s Akhnaten.
  6. diana sings!
    Diana: The Musical Is Like If All These Other Diana Projects Were Also a MusicalThis taped production will stream on Netflix before it opens on Broadway.
  7. theater review
    In Islander, a Toxic Man Faces Off With HimselfDrama built from verbatim transcripts of an NHL star.
  8. theater review
    Theater Review: Pass Over Reaches for the Promised LandAn ambitious play (with a rewrite to suit the changed national mood) marks Broadway’s return.
  9. theater reviews
    Haunted Houses: Samuel and Definition Make Emptiness the PointNot quite installation art, not quite full-on theater, but something in between that I’ll miss when it’s gone.
  10. theater reviews
    Light-Touch Theater: 3 Shows That Welcome Us Back, TentativelyThe one to see is Liminal Archive, at the New Ohio.
  11. theater review
    Enemy of the People Wants You to Choose Your Own MisadventureThe flashiest theater event since the shutdown is an interactive mixed bag.
  12. theater review
    What to Send Up When It Goes Down Makes Its Audience Do the WorkThe show does not need to shock you to affect you.