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Backlash To The Backlash

  1. backlash to the backlash
    25 Best Romantic Comedies: Ebiri on 10 Omissions Readers Are Angriest AboutMad about our Reese-less list? Think leaving out You’ve Got Mail is lamer than using AOL? Want to get into a froth about Love Actually? Read on.
  2. backlash to the backlash
    A Definitive Defense of Vampire WeekendStill, their sweaters are not “prophetic.”
  3. backlash to the backlash
    Leave Susan Boyle Alone!Whether Susan Boyle wins or loses, we can’t help but feel like she’s being exploited.
  4. backlash to the backlash
    Slumdog Filmmakers Strike BackWith ten Oscars on the line, Danny Boyle has released a statement rebutting charges of exploitation that appeared in Tuesday’s ‘Telegraph.’
  5. backlash to the backlash
    Jimmy Fallon Show Debuts Online TonightThe new host of ‘Late Night’ attempts to go viral.
  6. backlash to the backlash
    Sorry, Courtney: Ryan Adams’s ‘Rock N Roll’ Not One of History’s Worst AlbumsIn her latest incoherent MySpace rant, Courtney Love implies that our 90th-favorite Ryan Adams album is subpar. Preposterous!
  7. backlash to the backlash
    ‘Sex and the City’ Box Office Explained: They’re SuperheroesPointing out that Carrie could never afford her apartment is about as useful as questioning Robert Downey Jr.’s ability to create cold fusion in a cave in Afghanistan.
  8. backlash to the backlash
    The Genius of Scarlett JohanssonScarlett Johansson’s album of Tom Waits covers goes on sale tomorrow, but a critical consensus has already emerged. And it says: She sucks.
  9. backlash to the backlash
    We’re Not Yet Committed to Hating ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,’ NecessarilySure, he’s detestable. But is he THAT detestable?
  10. backlash to the backlash
    Confirmed: Scarlett Johansson Makes Best-Ever Album by an ActorShe just gave us a Woody Allen.
  11. backlash to the backlash
    Is HBO on Its Way Back?Great ratings for two HBO series, plus the announcement of the ultimate HBO show, Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl, make us hopeful.
  12. backlash to the backlash
    Why Professional Singers Should Be Allowed on ‘American Idol’Fans are up in arms this morning about the overrepresentation of professional singers on the new season of American Idol.
  13. backlash to the backlash
    ‘Cavemen’ Receives First Non-Vulture Critical AcclaimToday, another brave person not employed by Vulture has admitted to liking the show, sort of!
  14. backlash to the backlash
    You Guys, Zac Efron Really Needs Us Right NowNegative attention is tearing Zac Efron apart.