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  1. backlash
    The Origins of Snark: Finally Revealed!Snark is a dish best served al dente.
  2. backlash
    A Best Picture Contender’s Guide to Running Against Slumdog MillionaireNow that the underdog is the odds-on favorite, we’ve drafted a list of anti-’Slumdog’ talking points that might be helpful to publicists running rival Oscar campaigns.
  3. backlash
    Nicole Kidman Harangued by Unruly FacebookersAn increasing number of Facebook users are asking themselves “Am I Taking Crazy Pills or is Nicole Kidman the Worst Actress in the World?”
  4. backlash
    Closing Ceremony Takes the Bloom Off Zhang Yimou, Jimmy PageThe closing Ceremony included little that we couldn’t have thought up if someone gave us millions of dollars, thousands of people, and terrible taste.
  5. backlash
    Will the Opening Ceremony Fakery Never End? Adorable Moppet Was Lip-Syncing’I am proud to have been chosen to sing at all,’ says plucky little Yang Peiyi.
  6. backlash
    Did ‘Breaking Dawn’ Ruin the Twilight Series?Angry superfans are already returning their books to bookstores, apparently.
  7. backlash
    Have the ‘American Idol’ Producers Turned Against David Archuleta?We’ll put it this way: yes.
  8. backlash
    ‘Iron Man’: A Dissenting View on Robert Downey Jr.Having an effeminate roué like Robert Downey Jr. play Tony Stark is actually the most subversive thing that’s ever been done in a comic-book movie — and not in a good way.
  9. backlash
    Will Charges of Inaccuracy Bring Down ‘Bringing Down the House’?Ben Mezrich’s MIT card-counting thriller is now the latest nonfiction book to come under scrutiny by people who think “nonfiction” means “true.”
  10. backlash
    Enough With the Hilarious Celebrity-FuckingOkay, we get it.
  11. backlash
    What to Expect From the Upcoming Vampire Weekend BacklashVampire Weekend’s just-released debut album is enjoyable enough. Actually, it’s all we’ve been listening to since it leaked last week. Still, if ever there were a band guaranteed a backlash, it’s these guys.
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    M.I.A. Embroiled in Another Non-ControversyIt’s true!
  13. backlash
    Has the ‘There Will Be Blood’ Backlash Begun Already?PTA + DDL @ 92Y!
  14. backlash
    ‘No Country for Old Men’ Sparks Smallest Critical Backlash EverEven the critics who hated it loved it!
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    Where Will the ‘Bee Movie’ Marketing Team Spend Its Last $20,000?No one on Planet Earth hasn’t heard of this movie, and Bee Movie has 42 percent unaided awareness among the space-alien demographic.
  16. backlash
    Inside Ben Silverman’s Decision to Spin Off a New Series From ‘The Office’Sixteen genetically modified Technicolor peacocks swoop into the room…
  17. backlash
    Please, NBC, Stop the Hour-long ‘Office’ Madness!You’re making us dislike the show!
  18. backlash
    Led Zeppelin Reunion To Be Terrible, Promises Robert PlantLed Zep are set to reform, with John Bonham’s son Jason playing drums. Too bad it’ll be awful!
  19. backlash
    Gosh, Isn’t Jamie Foxx the Greatest?It’s not just that Foxx, perhaps our all-time least favorite performer on Def Poetry Jam, is a pompous raging jerk who also seems totally lecherous.
  20. backlash
    Zac Efron Is a Big, Hard-Bodied Liar, TooHe might be a godless hound for budding teen idols like Vanessa Hudgens, but Zac Efron is apparently something else as well: a liar.
  21. backlash
    Zac Efron Is No Role Model!The High School Musical franchise, people keep repeating, might be the most wholesome thing in all of media. But is it really?
  22. backlash
    Enough With the Funny Fake Outtakes, Judd Apatow!