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Bad Blood

  1. bad blood
    Louis C.K. on Tig Notaro Beef: ‘I Don’t Know Why She Said the Things She’s Said’“I don’t think… having conversations over press lanes is a good idea.”
  2. The ‘Taylor Swift Copied Beyoncé’ Controversy Devolves Into Crop Top DebateWho wore black crop tops first?
  3. feuds
    Katy Perry Is Still Using Her Press Tour to Talk About Taylor SwiftAnd hey journalists! Please stop asking!
  4. last night on late night
    Katy Perry Adds Fuel to That Taylor Swift ‘Swish Swish’ FireThe song is about “bullies.” Hmmmmm …
  5. bad blood
    Katy Perry on Taylor Swift Bad Blood Rumors: ‘Don’t Come for Me’“Everything has a reaction or a consequence so don’t forget about that, okay, honey.”
  6. bad blood
    Jared Leto Loses Lawsuit Over Taylor Swift VideoTurns out, Jared Leto technically does not own said video.
  7. bad blood
    All You Need to Know About Roadies Is That Taylor Swift Is a VillainRoadies, starry-eyed and flannel-clad as it is, has a villain, and that villain is Taylor Swift.
  8. baby now we got lullabies
    Taylor Swift’s Songs Are Lullabies NowTwinkle twinkle, little Swift.
  9. bad blood
    Miley Cyrus Has Some Bad Blood With Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ Video“That’s supposed to be a good example?”
  10. song of summer
    And the 2015 Song of Summer Goes to …There’s a twist involved.
  11. and the nominees are
    Here Are Your Nominees for the 2015 VMAsTaylor Swift leads all nominees.
  12. mash-up
    Check Out This Taylor Swift Breakup Song Mash-UpThe result is pretty good.
  13. bad blood
    Ellie and Lorde Partied With Katy Perry: Uh-ohNow you see it on Instagram, now you don’t.
  14. the charts
    Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ Instantly Goes No. 1Everything Taylor Swift touches turns to gold.
  15. music
    Watch Taylor Swift’s Badass Movie-Trailer-Esque ‘Bad Blood’ ExtravaganzaFeaturing Lena Dunham smoking a cigar and, like, two dozen other celebs.
  16. billboard music awards
    Selena Gomez Joins T. Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ VideoSo. Many. Stars.
  17. music videos
    Kendrick Lamar Joins Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ VideoPlaying a character called Welvin the Great.
  18. billboard music awards
    Lena Dunham’s the Latest Star to Join T. Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ VideoFor next weekend’s Billboard Music Awards premiere.