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Bad Boys

  1. sequels forever
    Will Smith, Martin Lawrence Spent Weekend Binging Bad Boys Ahead of ThreequelAccording to the Aladdin actor, Bad Boys for Life begins shooting on January 14.
  2. castings
    Jessica Alba to Play Gabrielle Union’s Partner in Bad Boys SeriesWhat are you gonna do when Syd and Nancy come for you?
  3. casting couch
    Gabrielle Union Will Reportedly Star in a Bad Boys TV ShowWhat are you going to do when Gabrielle Union comes for you? Probably be very excited.
  4. watcha gonna do?
    Bad Boys for Life Director Joe Carnahan Wasn’t for Life, Exits the ProjectBad Boys, watcha gonna do when you got scheduling conflicts?
  5. bad boys
    Fox Is Cutting Back on COPSThe men and women of law enforcement will be seen less frequently on the network.