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    Yes, They Once Tried to Make a Broadway Musical Out of LolitaAnd it was just as misbegotten a project as you’d guess.
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    Ted Cruz Really Did Not Nail This Simpsons Analogy About Gun ControlIf only the senator from Texas had thought this one through a little bit more.
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    Here Is Alexander Skarsgård’s (Bad) Idea for Big Little Lies Season Two“So, it’s basically a badass revenge story …”
  4. bad ideas
    Biggie’s Mom Calls Out Kendall and Kylie for Using Son’s Likeness on T-ShirtsThe Jenners have since apologized.
  5. Maybe John Mayer Could Learn Something From Game of ThronesIs he just doing it on purpose at this point?
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    Here’s the Questionable Music Video John Mayer Tried to Preemptively DefendIf you have to explain why you’re not culturally appropriating, you probably are.
  7. Producer Jon Peters Wants to Remake ‘Caddyshack’ Starring Jack NicholsonThe executive producer of the 1980 comedy classic Caddyshack has plans for a remake. In a lengthy interview with The Hollywood Reporter posted […]
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    Is Shkreli Really Threatening Ghostface Killah?2016 continues to be interesting.
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    Breaking Bad Figures Pulled from Toys ‘R’ UsAfter a Florida mom started a petition.
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    Here Is Madonna’s Incredibly Unhelpful Obama EndorsementOh boy.
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    Peter Berg Still Working On That Friday Night Lights MovieTexas forever. Or at least talking about Texas, forever.
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    Stop Talking About Turning TV Shows Into Movies, EveryoneHey, what’s going on with that ‘Arrested Development’ movie?
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    Weinsteins’ Remake of Seven Samurai Won’t Actually Include SamuraiAlthough that raises the question: Why?
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    It’s the Justin Bieber/NAMBLA Tweet You Weren’t Waiting For“@justinbieber hello, I was hoping you have a moment to speak with NAMBLA about our cause.”
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    PG-13 King’s Speech Will Include Wacky BleepsOur reaction to this also requires some bleeps.
  16. CBS Picks Up a Third Show Based on a Twitter FeedThis is getting absurd: CBS just picked up a third show based on a goddamned Twitter feed. This one is Dear Girls Above Me, in which a dude […]
  17. Oh God, What Are You Doing, Adam Sandler?Here’s a much better shot of Adam Sandler in costume on the set of his upcoming film Jack and Jill, in which he plays both a brother and a […]
  18. Oh, Good: Fox is Making Hitch Into a TV ShowWho says broadcast TV is out of good ideas?! “Fox just won a bidding war to make Hitch into an hour-long TV show on their network. Seriously, […]
  19. stage dive
    Name that show!Megan Fox attempts a career transformation; Vulture theatergoers, please advise her.
  20. Sony Announces Sure-to-Fail iTunes RivalOn the one hand, it’ll be nice to have yet another way to stream TV shows and movies directly to our TVs. On the other, Sony’s horribly-named […]
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    American Idol in Prison, Coming to a TV Near YouGreat news!
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    Fox to Bring the Glass Family to LifeA new game show promises to ruin lives.
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    Uh-oh: ‘Once’ Coming to Broadway?We are a little concerned.