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  1. How Do We Interpret Future World After James Franco’s Misconduct Allegations?Certain plot threads — and how they relate to the ongoing real-life situation involving Franco’s treatment of women — are stomach-churning.
  2. Daddy’s Home 2 Is Trash. Period.The sequel to 2015’s Daddy’s Home, starring Mel Gibson, Mark Wahlberg, and Will Ferrell, is a toxic, not at all benign movie.
  3. What the 19 Movies to Ever Receive an ‘F’ CinemaScore Have in CommonMother! joins a small, motley group of auteurist misses and obvious clunkers.
  4. 14 Lingering Questions We Have About From Justin to KellyWe interrogate Kelly Clarkson’s auspicious cinematic debut, sprung from a simpler time.
  5. really really bad movies
    Adam Sandler’s Bad New Movie Made Me Cry Like Almost Nothing Else BeforeMy brain knew that Blended was terrible. My heart did not.
  6. bad movies
    February Officially the Worst Month for MoviesGet out of here, January.
  7. vulture quiz
    Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Bad January Movies?Can you guess Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Bio-Dome, or Kangaroo Jack, in four clues or less?