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Bad Romance

  1. carpool karaoke
    Watch Lady Gaga on Carpool-Karaoke TeaserGaga, ooh la la, the full segment airs Tuesday.
  2. mystery!
    Channing Tatum in Talks for Bad RomanceAbout which we know eerily little.
  3. bad romance
    Homeland’s Damian Lewis: ‘Brody and Carrie Are Over’He did not mention Saul.
  4. bad romance
    Cougar Town Needs to Resolve Its Travis and Laurie Issues AlreadyThis is not a will-they-or-won’t-they couple.
  5. shippers
    Parks and Rec’s Taboo Romance: Ron and Leslie“We will never do that,” Mike Schur promises.
  6. music
    Young Woman Performs Dismal Rendition of Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’Sing it, girl.
  7. music
    Jared Leto Sings ‘Bad Romance,’ and It Is Not So HotEnjoy!
  8. music
    ‘Bad Romance,’ the Jewish-Wedding RenditionThe Yoel Brach band, everyone.
  9. bad romance
    Lady Gaga Strikes Back at Ex With Her Own LawsuitEx-producer and ex-boyfriend Rob Fusari was “predatory and financially abusive,” Gaga’s lawyers say.
  10. bad romance
    Producer Files $30.5 Million Suit Against Ex-Girlfriend Lady GagaLawsuit claims he has been squeezed out of the “lucrative contract.”