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Bad Santa 2

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    Billy Bob Thornton Knows What You’ll Think of Bad Santa 2“I know exactly how it’s gonna go and I’m hardly ever wrong.”
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    New Bad Santa 2 Red-Band Trailer: Violent Night, Unholy NightThis Santa is at it again.
  3. The ‘Bad Santa 2’ Red Band Trailer Shows That Yes, This Santa Is Still […]If you thought the sequel to Bad Santa would take a left turn and change the general moral character of its protagonist, well, sorry to […]
  4. Christina Hendricks Joins Bad Santa 2It’s gonna be gangbusters.
  5. Christina Hendricks Joins the Cast of ‘Bad Santa 2’Now that Bad Santa 2 is officially in the works, the film has added a new cast member to play the love interest to Billy Bob Thornton’s […]
  6. Billy Bob Thornton Is Returning for ‘Bad Santa 2’A sequel to 2003’s Bad Santa is in the works, and Billy Bob Thornton has officially signed on to reprise his role. According to Variety, […]
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    Bad Santa 2 Will Drunkenly Stagger to TheatersBilly Bob Thornton is reprising the role.
  8. Billy Bob Thornton Says Bad Santa 2 Will Shoot This FallBilly Bob Thornton says that Bad Santa 2 is currently in rewrites and on track to shoot this fall for a Christmas 2013 release. It’s unclear […]
  9. Bad Santa Writers Not So Sure About This SequelBad Santa 2 is in the works, but without the original’s screenwriters Glen Ficarra and John Requa.  Which is is probably for the best since […]
  10. Bad Santa 2 In The Works With Two Separate Scripts In a piece of good news for people who love filth and the holiday spirit, the L.A. Times reports that Bad Santa 2 is on the way. Billy Bob […]
  11. Billy Bob Thornton May Be Starring in Bad Santa 2Billy Bob Thornton is in talks to star in a sequel to Bad Santa. A rep from the Weinstein Company says “We feel that it’s a Christmas perennial […]