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Bad Teacher

  1. An Actual Bad Teacher Explains Why ‘Bad Teacher’ Is the Truest Teaching […]Though it pulled in over $200 million on a $20 million budget, Jake Kasdan’s raunchy 2011 comedy Bad Teacher is nobody’s idea of a masterpiece. […]
  2. development season 2013
    CBS Is Developing a TV Version of Bad TeacherCameron Diaz probably won’t be reprising her role.
  3. best of 2011
    David Edelstein’s Favorite Performances From 2011And a few of his worsts, as well.
  4. fugging it up
    The Fug Girls Analyze Justin Timberlake’s Style EvolutionFrom denim ensembles to Ryan Gosling–esque couture and all the white tracksuits in between.
  5. movies
    Eleven Lessons Hollywood Should Learn From Summer Movie SeasonWhy ‘Bad Teacher’ was a hit but ‘The Change-Up’ wasn’t, why Marvel’s superhero scored but DC’s didn’t, and more.
  6. vulture lists
    What’s the Raunchiest R-Rated Comedy of the Summer?We consulted with the prudes at the Dove Foundation to find out.
  7. weekend box office
    Transformers Becomes Year’s Highest-Grossing FilmOf course.
  8. movies
    After Record-Breaking Year for Comedies, Studios Still Slash Comedy BudgetsWhich seems a little counterintuitive.
  9. weekend box office
    Transformers Soars, Larry Crowne Fizzles’Larry Crowne’ fizzles.
  10. cheek by jowl
    Who’s the Worse Teacher? Larry Crowne’s Julia Roberts vs. Bad Teacher’s Cameron DiazShocker: It’s almost a toss-up.
  11. talk
    Review Bad Teacher in One SentenceWas it good-bad or bad-bad?
  12. weekend box office
    Cars 2 Wins the Box OfficeWho needs critics when you have kids?
  13. the star market
    The Star Market: Is Bad Teacher a Good Move for Cameron Diaz?“I actually would put her back in some of the indie stuff she’d started out doing,” recommends one rep.
  14. party lines
    Cameron Diaz and More at the Premiere of ‘Bad Teacher’Weird Al included.
  15. ask an expert
    A Professional Car Washer Reviews Hollywood’s Sexiest Car-Wash ScenesFrom ‘Bad Teacher’ to ‘Cool Hand Luke,’ are they even getting those things clean?
  16. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Charlie Day and Jimmy Fallon Compete in a Beer-Sloshing Game of ‘Long Pour’Plus: Cameron Diaz pulled out Jon Stewart’s stitches, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  17. chat room
    John Michael Higgins on Playing the Gay Ex in Happily Divorced and Singing on the Set of Bad Teacher“I can’t tell you why I keep getting asked to play gay characters, but I never really considered ‘gay’ as an adjective, as a playable thing.”
  18. trailer mix
    Bad Teacher Red-Band Trailer: Cameron Diaz Wants to Do Something Profane to Justin TimberlakeAlso: scrotum jokes.
  19. the industry
    Justin Timberlake Joins Ex-Girlfriend Diaz in TeacherPlus: ‘Gilligan’s Island’ to be adapted for the big screen.
  20. the industry
    Freida Pinto to Take On the GodsPlus: Jason Segel will be ‘Bad’ with Cameron Diaz.
  21. the industry
    Sam Worthington and Daniel Dae Kim Are a Couple of DicksPlus: Lucy Punch! Michael Chiklis! The Fonz!
  22. the industry
    Cameron Diaz Would Like to See You After ClassPlus: Good news, “League” fans.
  23. the industry
    It’s a Vanilla Sky Reunion!Plus: the return of Adam Brody!
  24. the industry
    French Icon Audrey Tautou to Play French Icon Coco ChanelPlus: We’ve found the movie that will make Mindy Kaling a star.