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Balls Of Fury

  1. agenda
    “Balls of Fury” made worthwhile by Christopher Walken.This film is redeemed by another bizarre, must-see performance from Christopher Walken, whose evil, chinoiserie-clad table-tennis tyrant makes for a master class in camp.
  2. vulture lists
    7 Best Movie Weapons of 2007Towels, wangs, and flying police cars!
  3. ranters and ravers
    That Guy From ‘Balls of Fury’ Looks Like Other Hairy DudesCritics love comparing Dan Fogler to other overweight, unattractive actors.
  4. quote machine
    Chef Gordon Ramsay Expounds on the American Legal SystemAshton Kutcher, Bruce Campbell, and more!
  5. chat room
    ‘Balls of Fury’’s Dan Fogler Talks Theater, BallsLocal Putnam County Spelling Bee Tony winner Dan Fogler is warming up to the spotlight as of late, with a buzzy new play debuting at Fringe Festival and big upcoming roles in the ping-pong flick Balls of Fury and the Dane Cook–Jessica Alba comedy Good Luck Chuck. Fogler spoke to Vulture about playing the outcast, hanging with Christopher Walken, and his recurring case of Toilet Arm.
  6. quote machine
    Gee, Christopher Walken Smells TerrificPlus 50 Cent makes sweet, sweet promises.