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  1. theater
    Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale Are Lovers Playing Fighters OnstageIn Medea, an avant-garde take on the Greek tragedy.
  2. theater
    Alia Shawkat Will Spend 24 Hours Performing One Scene Onstage 100 TimesBAM’s The Second Woman restages a scene from Opening Night, again and again and again.
  3. theater
    Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale Are Doing Medea, One Way to Liven Up a MarriageA contemporary adaptation at BAM.
  4. theater review
    Theater Review: A Heavyweight Long Day’s Journey Into NightWith Jeremy Irons and Lesley Manville.
  5. theater review
    Theater Review: Anthony Sher as a Slow-Burning, Intense King Lear“Sher is most fascinating to watch in the nooks and crannies.”
  6. opera review
    Three Unconventional Operas, Three Degrees of SuccessCrossing, My Lai, and Blank Out all work the dynamic edge of what an opera can be.
  7. Theater Review: BAM’s Bang-up Revival of The Beauty Queen of LeenaneIre in Eire.
  8. theater review
    Theater Review: Brook’s Battlefield in BrooklynAvant-garde that doesn’t feel wrung-out.
  9. theater review
    Theater Review: AntigoneJuliette Binoche and a whole lot of aestheticizing.
  10. theater
    Theater Review: A Human Being Died That NightA South African torturer’s own words, staged.
  11. Mexico’s Cult of Morrissey Comes to BrooklynMexrrissey arrives at BAM — and into the mainstream. 
  12. opera
    Opera Review: At BAM, a Semele Like No OtherA bizarre reimagining that, somehow, works.
  13. theater
    Theater Review: An Uncut, Uncompromising The Iceman ComethNearly five hours of power.
  14. Hearing Gabriel Kahane’s Version of Los Angeles, Onstage at BAMA review of The Ambassador onstage.
  15. movies
    PSA: The BAM Sunshine Noir Fest Is This Weekend, Sounds AwesomeChinatown! The Long Goodbye! Jackie Brown! Inherent Vice!
  16. theater
    Willem Dafoe and Mikhail Baryshnikov on Acting (and Dancing!) Together at BAMThey will star in Robert Wilson’s production of The Old Woman.
  17. stage dive
    Theater Review: A Doll’s House, Blessedly Un-Reinvented“Neither the director nor time itself has diminished the effectiveness.”
  18. opera review
    Opera Review: An Uplifting Billy Budd at BAM“As if Britten had cast a spell on the physical world and turned it into a topography of sound.”
  19. Theater Review: Kissing the Hand of Frank Langella, in King LearIt snaps into focus whenever he’s onstage.
  20. bam
    How Food Network Created and Lost FoodiesAnd why this food-obsessed writer eventually came back, learning to love Diners, Dives and Drive-Ins for what it is.
  21. the vulture transcript
    Director William Friedkin on Rising and Falling and Rising in the Film IndustryHis thoughts on The Exorcist, Sorcerer, Cruising, Killer Joe, and more.
  22. stage dive
    Theater Review: Cries and WhispersOnstage, it’s more severe than ever.
  23. stage dive
    Stage Dive: Diary of a Madman and Small Craft WarningsIn this Russian drama, Geoffrey Rush channels Daffy Duck.
  24. awkward silences
    Stephen Dillane Forgot His Lines in The TempestHe’d already expressed his doubts to us about either of those plays ever being effectively staged.
  25. last night's gig
    The Magnetic Fields Greet Valentine’s DayThere was once a time when the Magnetic Fields could be mistaken for a rock band at their live shows. That was a while ago.
  26. BAM Announces New Indie-Film SeriesIt’s got something for everybody!
  27. apropos of nothing
    Patrick Stewart’s ‘Macbeth’ to Offer Bang for Your Buck on Broadway?That’s quite a photo on the front page of the Times.
  28. news reel
    Lou Reed Knows the ‘Sound and Fury’ Speech From ‘Macbeth’ by Heart“Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, / Creeps in this petty pace from day to day, / To the last syllable of recorded time; / And all our yesterdays have lighted fools / The way to dusty death,” said Lou Reed.
  29. last night's gig
    Joanna Newsom Plays Intimate Show With 30 or So FriendsThe night’s highlight came after everyone (but Newsom!) exited the stage.
  30. the industry
    Johnny Depp, Public Enemy No. 1Plus the Breeders, John Brolin, and John Turturro in a garbage can.
  31. the industry
    Are You Ready for Steve Buscemi, Noble Hero?Los Angeles burns, and seriously no good deals are getting made. So enjoy these news briefs about Jason Statham, Fiona Shaw, and Korn.
  32. apropos of nothing
    No Matter Who He Plays in ‘Lear,’ Ian McKellen Gets His Kit OffPlus exclusive streaming audio!
  33. ranters and ravers
    John Simon Belittles Ian McKellen’s Junk … Again?New York’s former theater critic and his problem with Iam McKellen’s junk.
  34. apropos of nothing
    Ian McKellen Strips Down in ‘King Lear’The Season of the Wang continues, onstage at BAM.
  35. the industry
    Drew Carey: Come on Down!Plus industry news on Y: The Last Man, Hot Ghetto Mess, and BAM’s Bridge Project.