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  1. brb indefinite hiatus
    Little Mix to Take a Little Break From Little MixSure, Jan.
  2. breakups
    Jesy Nelson Says She Was ‘Miserable’ in Little Mix“Since I’ve left, I feel free.”
  3. videology
    So, Where Is the Rest of the Band in Maroon 5’s ‘Beautiful Mistakes’ Video?It’s just Adam Levine, Megan Thee Stallion, and some flying cars.
  4. makes me wonder
    Adam Levine, Lead Singer of a Band, Feels Like ‘There Aren’t Any Bands Anymore’Meanwhile, his band just released a new song with Megan Thee Stallion.
  5. extremely online
    Shitposting With ‘the Guy From Eve 6’“I’m literally making fun of people who are more successful by orders of magnitude. With maybe the exception of Trapt, but he has it comin’.”
  6. on comedy
    Every SNL Opening Monologue This Season, Ranked by the Backing Band’s ReactionsThe stand-up format is a mixed bag.
  7. respect the classics
    Lindsey Buckingham Thinks Fleetwood Mac Has ‘Harmed’ Their Legacy by Firing Him“The point is that they’d lost their perspective.”
  8. The Harem Guards Will Rock You, Eventually, Maybe, by Jerry Renek WANTED: Lead guitar whose playing style is not self-described as “an erotic fever dream of liquefied awesome.” WANTED: Bass player. […]
  9. coachella 2016
    Coachella 2016: LCD, Guns N’ Roses, C. HarrisSee the rest of the bands here.
  10. it’s complicated
    One Direction Going on Break: Report [Updated]Everything SUCKS.
  11. Watch Hannibal Buress Play Drums for Speedy Ortiz at SXSWHannibal Buress might have forgotten the name of the band he played with at SXSW during his interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, but […]
  12. Vanessa Bayer Roasts Her Brother’s Band United NationsIf you’re a fan of Vanessa Bayer’s ongoing Above Average series Sound Advice, her recent appearance before a United Nations show – the band […]
  13. Fred Armisen is ‘Late Night’s New Band Leader/CuratorThis afternoon, Seth Meyers tweeted out the following photo of Late Night’s 8G Band, which surprisingly included Portlandia star Fred Armisen. […]
  14. Paul Scheer Helps Nickelback Be More Detroit-Friendly This Funny or Die video starring Paul Scheer as Nickelback’s agent asks the brave question, “Would Detroit be happier with a band made up of […]
  15. Inside the World of Late Night Show Music BookersPitchfork has a great piece up today about how late night shows book their musical guests, and how it’s changed over the years with the huge […]
  16. Left Handed Radio: ‘It’s Like a Shit Fit Only Bigger’On our first episode: A local music festival, a smashing first date, an annoying talking dog, Skeleton Warehouse, a man named Big Rick, a […]