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  1. okay sure
    Tom Hardy Is Not a Terrible RapperIf you care about early-’90s New York rap, you’ll find something to enjoy here.
  2. Here’s How the Guys Behind Bane Feel About Trump“Is he like a Batman villain? In many ways he is. But our last guy in that office often reminded me of a Bond villain. So there you go.”
  3. cute stuff
    That Time Tom Hardy Took a Photo With a Boy Dressed As Bane and We All DiedSeriously, this photo.
  4. dark knight rises
    Listen to Some Incredible Outtakes of Bane From Dark Knight RisesWho knew Bane could rap?
  5. Bane Impressions at Comic Con Are LackingNot a one!
  6. dark knight rises
    Visit a Bane SoundboardIt’s all bells and whistles to us.
  7. deleted scenes
    Dark Knight Rises Cut a Sequence Explaining Bane’s BackstoryBut the film’s costume designer inadvertently revealed what happened in it.
  8. clickables
    See How Bane Might Look UnmaskedMaybe he just has a beard.
  9. catching up
    Which Comics Should You Read Before Seeing The Dark Knight Rises?Despite running nearly three hours, Christopher Nolan’s third Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, leaves a lot out.
  10. bad guys
    Remember: Bane Was a Terrible Villain in Batman & RobinWe understand if you don’t, because “that other Batman movie” was the one with the nipples.
  11. clickables
    See the Futurama Character Bane From Batman Looks LikeWhy not Zoidberg?
  12. bat signal
    Dark Knight Rises to Be More ComprehensibleBane, now more intelligible.
  13. clickables
    Take a First Look at Tom Hardy As Bane in The Dark Knight RisesHe’s deformed and wearing a gas mask.