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  1. music
    Can You Guess Who Inspired Barbra Streisand’s New Music? Wrong! It’s the Weeknd.She loves “Starboy.”
  2. a star is born
    Barbra Streisand ‘Liked’ the Few Minutes of Cooper’s A Star Is Born She Has Seen“I was surprised by how similar it was to my version.”
  3. a star is born
    Which Scenes Do All the Star Is Borns Have in Common?A side-by-side comparison of the five scenes all iterations have kept.
  4. stars are born
    What Did Critics Think of the Other Versions of A Star Is Born?A look back at all the various stars that have been born, including Judy Garland, Janet Gaynor, and Barbra Streisand.
  5. music
    Barbra Streisand Is Trapped in a Well, Releasing New MusicStreisand released her song “Don’t Lie to Me” from her album Walls.
  6. hey mister arnstein here's my clone
    Barbra Streisand Breaks Silence on Dog Cloning“You can clone the look of a dog, but you can’t clone the soul.”
  7. what if
    Barbra Streisand Wanted to Direct Hidden Figures“They gave it to the man who wrote the script, and he did a good job. I wish I had directed it.”
  8. dreams come true
    Ben Platt, Streisand, and Gwyneth Paltrow Might Star in Ryan Murphy Netflix ShowThe Politician will, of course, be a musical.
  9. The Enduring Legacy of Barbra StreisandShe can invoke nostalgia powerfully for her loyal fans in concert, but has been less able to convert the uninitiated.
  10. hello gorgeous
    21 of the Most Barbra Streisand Moments in Her Netflix Concert FilmFrom eating crabs to celebrating her dog.
  11. hello gorgeous
    Barbra Streisand Made a Fittingly Over-the-Top Concert Film for NetflixBarbra: The Music…The Mem’ries…The Magic! premieres November 22.
  12. standing ovation
    Barbra Streisand Gave Hillary Clinton Her Nth Standing Ovation in BrooklynThe former secretary of State and husband Bill were in the audience at Barclays Center.
  13. time for more pancakes
    Barbra Streisand Is Stress-Eating Her Way Through the Trump Presidency“Seriously crazy times. Time for more pancakes.”
  14. The Best Cameo Appearances in ‘SNL’ History This past weekend, Saturday Night Live viewers were given a nice surprise, as Melissa McCarthy made a cameo appearance playing Press […]
  15. 2016 election
    Barbra Streisand Dresses Down Donald Trump in New Op-Ed“I cannot respect a racist, xenophobic sexist.”
  16. roll clip!
    Barbra Streisand Weighs in on Trump and Streep“You can’t trust anything he says.”
  17. blogs
    Your Cool Aunt Barbra Streisand Blogged About Donald Trump“When a politician ends almost every sentence with ‘believe me’ … don’t!”
  18. roll clip!
    Streisand Does ‘Send in the Clowns’ Trump Parody“Is he that rich?/What if he’s poor?”
  19. billboard charts
    Of Course Barbra Streisand’s New Album Is No. 1A No. 1 album is born again, baby.
  20. barbra streisand
    Barbra Streisand’s Duets With Movie Stars, Ranked From Least to Most CharmingAll the Hollywood stars Babs convinced to sing with her.
  21. hollywood signs
    Lady Gaga Might Be Perfect for A Star Is BornLady Gaga surely knows a thing or two about the rough road that gets you from Esther Blodgett to Vicki Lester.
  22. say my name
    Barbra Streisand Told Apple CEO to Correct SiriDon’t mess with Babs.
  23. duets
    Barbra Streisand and Alec Baldwin Sing a DuetIt’s the latest teaser for Streisand’s new album.
  24. duets
    Barbra Streisand and Jamie Foxx Sing ‘Climb Ev’ry Mountain,’ Break Ev’ry HeartLet Barbra and Jamie climb your heartstrings.
  25. broadway
    Daisy Ridley and Barbra Streisand Sing Broadway“She wasn’t kidding. She can sing.”
  26. barbra streisand
    Streisand Announces Celebrity Duets AlbumEncore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway features Hollywood stars singing Broadway classics.
  27. the industry
    Streisand Might Bring Mama Rose to Big ScreenBabs would take the lead role — if this ever gets made.
  28. casting couch
    Keira Knightley Is in Talks to Be Barbra Streisand’s Catherine the GreatKeira gets back to those corsets.
  29. moms
    Barbra Streisand Sort of Remembers The Hangover“Like when I saw that movie, Hangover, with the guy, Javalopolis?”
  30. let me entertain you
    Barbra Streisand Considering Lady Gaga for GypsyEverything’s coming up Gaga.
  31. b-u-t-t-a-h
    Barbra Streisand Is From BrooklynBabs’s Barclays Center homecoming was as emotional, eccentric, and over-the-top as only she can be.
  32. trailer mix
    The Guilt Trip Trailer: It’s Jewish!Seth Rogen, Barbra Streisand, the road: Together at last.
  33. the guilt trip
    See a Still of Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand in The Guilt TripAnyone else farklempt?
  34. movies
    Barbra Streisand to Direct Colin Firth, Cate BlanchettIt’s her first time behind the camera in sixteen years.
  35. party chat
    Barry Sonnenfeld Explains Why Justin Bieber Is an AlienAnd why Barbra Streisand was very picky about her alien name.
  36. everything's coming up roses
    Julian Fellowes Will Write Barbra Streisand’s GypsyGood luck.
  37. broadway
    Broadway’s Funny Girl PostponedToo few investors.
  38. video
    Watch Barbra Streisand Play a Dominatrix in Long-Lost Indiana Jones FootageCarrie Fisher pops up, too.
  39. Watch Barbra Streisand’s Plea for Retarded ChildrenMaybe not the exact word she would use today.
  40. out on the weekend
    This Weekend’s Concerts, From Lady Gaga to Naughty by NaturePlus: Dr. Dog, F-cked Up, Rihanna …
  41. grammy retirement home
    Report: Bob Dylan to Perform at GrammysWith some young people called Mumford & Sons.
  42. movies
    Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen Are Going on a Road TripParamount has green-lit a long-gestating comedy.
  43. babs
    Barbra Streisand Wants to Star in Gypsy MovieOkay, this makes a lot of sense.
  44. cher
    Cher Will Never Forget Barbra Streisand’s Subpar Workout TechniqueBabs prefers walking and talking to exercise.
  45. comebacks
    Which Star Could Be the Next Betty White?Here are five actors over 50 who are ready for a comeback.
  46. revivals
    Funny Girl Revival Set for 2012 Broadway BowLea Michele’s name surfaces for Streisand’s iconic role.
  47. all that jazz
    A Brief History of the Village VanguardThis week, the Vanguard celebrates its 75th birthday.
  48. casting couch
    Dustin Hoffman Might Be Getting Cranky About Little Fockers“Scheduling difficulties” might keep the oldest Focker out of the film.
  49. oprah
    Oprah Will Soon Rule the Music Industry TooJust ask Michael Buble.
  50. kudos
    Did Barbra Streisand and Meryl Streep Dis Baz Luhrman at the Oscars?Possibly!
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