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Barry Crimmins

  1. RIP Barry CrimminsA month after revealing on Twitter that he’d been diagnosed with cancer and that his prognosis wasn’t a good one, comedian, activist, political […]
  2. Barry Crimmins and Conan O’Brien Discuss the State of Standup Comedy TodayHere’s a clip from Barry Crimmins’s visit to last night’s Conan, where he and O’Brien discuss the state of standup comedy today and one […]
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    Barry Crimmins on His First Special“Then the next call will be some comic thinking they’re being screwed over and I’ll explain, ‘Of course you are, it’s your job!’” 
  4. Louis C.K. Releases Barry Crimmins’s First Standup Special ‘Whatever […]Barry Crimmins’s first standup special is now available thanks to Louis C.K. Titled Whatever Threatens You, the special was filmed in Lawrence, […]
  5. Louis C.K. Talks Kevin Meaney & Barry Crimmins “It was really these two guys, Barry and Kevin, who shaped me as the comedian I am today.”
  6. Barry Crimmins Is Not Taking Life PersonallyThere are a handful of comedians that have been on the scene since the earliest days of the comedy boom of the 1980s, and even fewer who were […]
  7. Watch the Trailer for Bobcat Goldthwait’s Barry Crimmins Documentary ‘Call […]If you’re unfamiliar with Barry Crimmins, soon you’ll have no excuse, because the comedian, activist, and Boston comedy scene pioneer is the […]