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Barry Diller

  1. bill de blasio's new york
    The Rich Irony of Barry Diller’s Floating ParkThe media billionaire’s just-announced plan to build an artificial island in the Hudson is the type of deal this mayor pledged to reject.
  2. dynamic duos
    Scott Rudin and Barry Diller Might Be Getting Into the E-Books Business An announcement is expected soon. 
  3. money
    Barry Diller Out at Live NationLive Nation CEO Irving Azoff may replace him.
  4. ben silverman
    Ben Silverman Up for Dream Job As Boss of CollegeHumorBarry Diller is considering putting CollegeHumor under Electus’s control.
  5. silvermania
    The New Ben Silverman Is Exactly the Same As the Old Ben SilvermanPhew!
  6. electus
    Ben Silverman’s New Company Starting to Sound Like Actual Thing$125 million! Ben Stiller!
  7. ben silverman
    Ben Silverman Names New Company!It’s Electus!
  8. ben silverman
    Help Name Ben Silverman’s New Company!We’re taking your submissions.
  9. ben silverman
    Ben Silverman Leaving NBCTweets Ryan Seacrest: “guy that runs nbc- put office biggest looser etc on is leaving to launch a new studio.”