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Barry Sonnenfeld

  1. book excerpt
    Penny Marshall Hated Working With Barry Sonnenfeld on Big“She truly disliked me as her cinematographer.”
  2. backstories
    How Lemony Snicket Was Adapted for Netflix“A remake of something can be better than the original.”
  3. Patrick Warburton Joins Unfortunate EventsFortunate casting news.
  4. the industry
    Exclusive: Barry Sonnenfeld’s Secret Comic-Book Movie Is …The Men in Black 3 director has been circumspect about which sixties comic property he’s going to adapt.
  5. party chat
    Barry Sonnenfeld Explains Why Justin Bieber Is an AlienAnd why Barbra Streisand was very picky about her alien name.
  6. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: John Lithgow’s R-rated Charade for The DictatorPlus: Barry Sonnenfeld brought out the crazy, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  7. the vulture transcript
    Barry Sonnenfeld on Men In Black III“Every film has its own mishegoss.”
  8. party chat
    Talk and Tucks Pads at Vanity Fair’s Tribeca Party“It’s like a romp through a field of daisies on your ass.”
  9. the industry
    Blake Lively to Turn on the Green LanternPlus: Channing Tatum! Antonio Banderas! Frances McDormand!
  10. the industry
    Aaron Eckhart Goes Down the Rabbit HolePlus: There’s already some behind-the-scenes drama with ‘Little Fockers’.
  11. the industry
    Barry Sonnenfeld to Save World From Aliens AgainPlus: What’s Christopher Lloyd up to these days?
  12. the industry
    LeBron James Conquering Hollywood Now TooPlus: What’s Daphne Zuniga doing with herself these days?
  13. beef
    Do Not Cross Ben Silverman, For He Will Date Your ChildrenA showdown between network executives is a bust.
  14. the industry
    Keanu Reeves to ‘Stand Still’The Cure, Donal Logue, and monkeys!
  15. the industry
    Conor McPherson Returns to Broadway
  16. the industry
    Ewan McGregor Plots to Kill Chiwetel Ejiofor