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Baseless Speculation

  1. lost
    What the Web Can Tell Us About the Lost PremiereThe fifth season of ‘Lost’ ended, literally, with a bang, leaving obsessives more wildly speculative than ever about what the sixth one holds in store.
  2. first looks
    First Clip From Up in the Air Doesn’t Exactly Play Up Film’s Zeitgeist-Capturing Qualities“Incomprehension, fury, bewilderment, sense of injustice, hopelessness and despair.” Also: It’s a romantic comedy!
  3. baseless speculation
    So, Who Should Play Reagan on Broadway?Wouldn’t Nathan Lane be perfect for this?
  4. baseless speculation
    Frank Sinatra Casting Rumors Are the New Batman-Villain Casting RumorsAccording to Nikki Finke, Scorsese wants Leonardo DiCaprio, but Universal wants teen heartthrob Johnny Depp.
  5. baseless speculation
    What Will the Twist Be on Tonight’s American Idol?Will they let viewers vote instead of the judges? Will the stage open up during Tatiana’s performance, dropping her onto a flaming pit?
  6. baseless speculation
    Is This Man the Hipster Runoff Guy?Is Carles really Brooklyn writer Tao Lin?
  7. baseless speculation
    The Oscar Nominations: Our Final PredictionsUsing a patented combination of dart throwing and wishful thinking, we’ve arrived at a set of predictions that will almost certainly make us look silly tomorrow.
  8. baseless speculation
    The Oscar Nominations: What’ll Get the Fifth-Best Picture Slot?Will it be ‘The Dark Knight,’ or will the Academy surprise us?
  9. baseless speculation
    How Much Will Obama Get for His Memoirs?We had some book honchos take a wild stab at what President Obama will be looking at for his memoirs in eight years.
  10. baseless speculation
    Who Will Play Bill Clinton in Peter Morgan’s New Blair-Clinton Movie?Frank Caliendo? Seth Rogen?